Chicanery Chums (Sniz and Fondue)

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Pranking so far to bringing your roommate in the insane asylum is pushing it too far, Fondue.

Chicanery Chums is an episode of the Sniz and Fondue segment of [[mh:besttvshows:KaBlam!}}, which aired in the series' 22nd episode "Get Sam Donaldson's Mystery Bag". In this episode, Sniz tries to prank Fondue, but fails until he pulls a prank too far.

Why It Sucks

  1. This episode is extremely mean-spirited to Sniz.
  2. Fondue is extremely unlikeable compared to the other episodes, and went from a nervous but intelligent person into a grouchy-minded sadist.
  3. This episode goes completely against Sniz and Fondue's natural chemistry of being silly but likeable duos, changing them into making the two more like rivals of each other.
  4. Sniz goes as far as house destruction in one of his pranks; more specifically, drilling and splitting the staircase so Fondue can fall down.
  5. Sniz gets arrested and is considered insane and sent to the insane asylum because Fondue fakes his death after falling down a split staircase. In reality, Fondue would be arrested for attempting to prank Sniz that he accidentally killed him.
  6. The other pranks don't do much other than to serve as filler or to add on Fondue yelling at Sniz for having the prank fail on him.
  7. Atrocious and nonsensical ending where Fondue yells "Got you!" at Sniz at the insane asylum and Sniz and Fondue both start maniacally laughing, causing Fondue to also be placed in the same cell as Sniz. Fondue does not even show any attempt to bail Sniz. There is no sign of their release from the asylum either.
  8. Sniz surprisingly shows no anger in being "pranked" into being sent into the insane asylum and laughs it off like it's nothing. To add on, Sniz still laughs after Fondue gets locked in the same cell briefly.
  9. Fondue gets nearly no comeuppance for his actions until the very end, which goes over the mile by bringing him into the same cell as Sniz. Sniz also does not get released even though he didn't do anything wrong.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. Much like the season 2 and 3 Sniz and Fondue shorts, the animation is extremely smooth and vibrant and the soundtrack is lively.




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