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Chapter 564 (As Aventuras de Poliana)

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Why Íris Abravanel? Why?

Chapter 564 is the last chapter of the SBT's children's soap opera, As Aventuras de Poliana, aired on July 13, 2020.

Why It’s a Chapter of Disaster

  1. Unlike the previous SBT's children's soap operas had amazing finales, this final chapter of Poliana, instead of being emotional and tearing everyone’s tears, it ended up becoming a dull, boring and forced final chapter.
  2. Horrible and bad scenes like Luca doing stupid things and Ruth talks about the financial situation of the school, which ended up being a bore.
  3. Some characters didn't have a decent ending or they had no explanation what happened to them.
  4. Some of the scenes are useless, like Sophia and Yuri talking about their wedding, but their wedding scene is not shown, but instead a scene with a repeated song is shown.
  5. There was no kiss from Poliana with João, which disappointed the Joliana couple's shippers.
  6. The ending where the characters sing a song at Ruth Goulart, was not good, since Carinha de Anjo did the same thing, unlike Poliana, it ended up working.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Although most of the scenes in this chapter were bad, the only good scenes were Falcão is finally arrested and Mirela saying goodbye to Raquel.
  2. Some of the characters finally made their dreams come true.


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