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Channel Awesome

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Channel Awesome
You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become Tommy Wiseau.
Date Joined: July 10, 2014
Status: Active
Subscriber Count: 1.3M

Channel Awesome is an American internet video production studio and YouTube channel. It contains several web series, such as Nostalgia Critic. It has about 1.3M subscribers.

Bad Qualities

  1. Both the website and the YouTube channel focused too much on the Nostalgia Critic and/or anything with Doug Walker, overshadowing the other producers until they left. This shows that the Walkers are now egotistical sociopaths.
  2. Speaking of which, the Nostalgia Critic (Doug Walker) is now reduced to a loud, crude imbecile who treats movies way too seriously, and his "reviews" are riddled with skits that are mostly filler. He is also hypocritical since he said in his Jurassic World review that the infamous Tyrannosaurus rex vs. Spinosaurus fight scene in Jurassic Park III (in which the T. rex died) was made to sell more toys, when he himself is a big fan of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, a franchise that was, at its core, made to sell toys. And he refers to the Spinosaurus as the "Who-Cares-A-Saurus", which can trigger a ton of Jurassic Park fans who love the Spinosaurus. The Critic even contradicted himself by saying in the Demo Reel finale "The Review Must Go On" that he wouldn't review anything currently in theaters but after this, he would later make a clipless review of Jurassic World in June 24, 2015 (when the film was still in theaters at the time). He also did clipless reviews of older movies that were already on DVD and video such as:
    1. Hocus Pocus (1993)
    2. The Phantom of the Opera (2004)
    3. Suicide Squad (2016)
    4. The Wall (1982)
    • There are also many other problems in addition to this:
      1. Initially, the reason for these clipless reviews were due to constant copyright issues on YouTube...NOT on his website...and NOT on the other video-hosting platforms he used (, Vessel, Vidme, and Vimeo).
      2. His Sailor Moon review is not only poorly researched, but also in some areas, pretty sexist as he says that the suits of the Sailor Senshi are revealing just to make the girls slutty when in reality their suits are a mix of a sailor suit and a ballerina suit, he thinks that the disguise pen can transform Sailor Moon into anything she was (though in Dic dub the Disquise pen was renamed into the Transformation pen and that excuses why Nostalgia Critic was confused) and he thinks that the name of Jadeite comes from Star Wars and the Name of Queen Beryl comes from barrels.[1]
      3. Not to mention it is shown that in some reviews that he barely knows anything about animals (or even paleontology):
        1. In his review of Disney's Tarzan as part of Disneycember, he couldn't tell a cheetah from a leopard when he referred to the leopard antagonist Sabor as a cheetah. Here are the differences: Cheetahs have spots on their coats while leopards have rose-like markings known as rosettes; an adult male cheetah weighs roughly around 54-56 kg while an adult male leopard weighs around 60-70 kg, leopards have retractable claws while cheetahs have non-retractable claws and leopards, while shorter at shoulder, are more muscular and stronger than cheetahs. In his "Top 11 Nostalgia Critic F Ups Part 3" video, he regretted doing that mistake, but he said "It's a cat, it has spots", even though leopards have rosettes, not spots. Not telling a cheetah from a leopard is the same as not telling an alligator from a crocodile or a caiman from an alligator.[2]
        2. In his Jurassic World review, he thinks that the hybrid dinosaur Indominus rex looks like a giant raptor, but it doesn't, it looks like an average theropod/carnosaurid (In fact, it looks more like a T. rex than a raptor). The real-life Utahraptor was a great example of a giant raptor and the Indoraptor from the film's sequel was also a giant raptor because it used a raptor as the main template. He referred to the Indominus rex with male pronouns despite being female and referred to the Indoraptor with female pronouns despite it being confirmed to be male in 6 a toy showcase video by Universal and Mattel executives, making him the first confirmed male dinosaur in the Jurassic World trilogy, though there was three male T. rexes in The Lost World: Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park III respectively.[3][4]
          • Also he referred to the Mosasaurus from the movie as a dinosaur when it wasn't really a dinosaur, it was just an aquatic reptile. Not only did he think the I. rex looked like a raptor, but he also said that it moved like a raptor (but it didn't) and that it sounded like a raptor (but it didn't), and he said that it was 90% raptor, but it was actually a combination of other known dinosaurs, as well as modern animals like a pit viper, cuttlefish, and tree frog, and also Deinosuchus, a genus-species of a prehistoric alligator that co-existed with dinosaurs.
      4. The Nostalgia Critic has also shown to force memes quite often in his videos, without understanding how they work. Several internet memes are just random things that people picked up to exploit them. In his Sibling Rivalry review of Logan, Doug said that a taking pills scene would totally be a meme, but later, it wasn't even included in Know Your One of the most notable forced memes is the "Frying the Coke" meme from his Double Team review and the "T-Rex Song" from his Jurassic Park, Jurassic Park III, and Jurassic World reviews.[5]
  3. For some reason, Doug Walker sold the rights of the Nostalgia Critic character to Michaud, which is a rather stupid move.
  4. Many of the crossover films were also bad.
  5. Doug Walker has recently released a horrid satirical parody album of The Wall by Pink Floyd, titled Nostalgia Critic's the Wall, which is just as bad as the Nostalgia Critic episode "The Wall" itself, and contains a cover of the SpongeBob SquarePants theme for some reason.[6]
  6. The infamous "To Boldly Flee" controversy.

Good Qualities

  1. There's still some talented people, like Tamara Chambers and Malcolm Ray.
  2. So many great creators came from here, such as Linkara, Phelous, Guru Larry, Todd Nathanson, Brad Jones, Lindsay Ellis, Angry Joe, and Daren Jackson (The Rap Critic/Masta Artisan).
  3. Some time before his return the Nostalgia Critic used to be at least decent and he could actually be funny at times. Additionally Doug Walker used to be a nicer and more humble guy.
  4. Some videos are okay, such as:
    1. "Where's the Fair Use"
    2. Even to this day, the Halloween/Christmas themed Nostalgia Critic episodes are probably the best things the show has to offer.
    3. The editorials are good, especially "When Does a Joke Go Too Far" and the "Is Parody Dead?" video, which discusses how the parody movie genre died because of atrocities like Epic Movie, Disaster Movie, Date Movie, etc.
    4. Most of the Nostalgia Critic's reviews are actually good and hilarious before the revival, except his aforementioned reviews of the Jurassic Park films and his review of Francis Ford Coppola's Jack (1996), which are completely inaccurate because in the Jack, the Critic says that the main character has a hyper-rare disease likely caused "bad screenwriting", when the titular character has a real disease known as Werner's syndrome.
    5. The Nostalgia Critic's commercial specials are pretty fun since they are mostly looking at old, sometimes new, commercials (even if the opening of "After These Messages" gets old).
    6. The Nostalgia Critic criticized The Emoji Movie and Norm of the North, both of which are awful animated films.[7][8]
  5. Doug Walker as the Nostalgia Critic has criticized social justice warriors "who go into causes for the wrong reasons" in his "When Does a Joke Go Too Far" video.[21] He also criticized when several people are offended over nothing, such as when Speedy Gonzales's shorts got banned because of accusations that he is a racist Mexican stereotype, and when colleague campuses were offended over Jerry Seinfeld making a joke about models looking angry on the runway. He has made fun of SJWs in his Ghostbusters (2016) review and said "you can still believe in equal rights and think the movie sucks".

Notable bad or average web series

  1. Kickassia
  2. Demo Reel
  3. Pop Quiz Hotshot


  • Nostalgia Critic has been unofficially translated into many languages, including Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese and Polish subtitled versions, as well as a Russian dubbing.[citation needed]



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