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Celebrity Deathmatch (2006 revival)

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Lesson learned: Celebrity Deathmatch is not the same without Eric Fogel.

Celebrity Deathmatch is a clay-animated satire show about celebrities engaging in fights to the death, hosted by Nick Diamond and Johnny Gomez. It aired on MTV in 1998 to 2002 and revived in 2006 and ended in 2007. Another reboot was scheduled for release but was cancelled.

While the original series from 1998-2002 (seasons 1-4) was well-received, the 2006 revival (aka. seasons 5-6) was not, due to it not having any of Eric Fogel's involvement whatsoever and lacked the charm of the original series.

Why This Revival So Deadly

  1. Much like Celebrity Deathmatch Hits Germany, it lacked Eric Fogel's involvement.
    • It's very much like the disaster that is Celebrity Deathmatch Hits Germany, how there's no involvement from Eric Fogel. However, that version is still worse, and even Germany hated it.
    • This is hurtful, because Fogel was the true heart and soul fo the series.
    • At least Mike Judge was still involved with the 2011 revival of Beavis and Butt-Head, which was better than the revival of Celebrity Deathmatch. The revival of that show was decent, but would've done better had it been made for Comedy Central.
  2. This revival run has amped up the dated problems, such as how it's mostly a circlejerk of other Viacom stars fighting, such as the Jackass crew, Bam Margera, Andy Milonakis, Ashton Kutcher, and Nick Cannon, all of which would've turned out okay if Fogel stayed during production.
  3. There were not as many gimmick fights to spice things up.
  4. Many of the voice actors were replaced, especially Mills Lane, who had a stroke during production. They could've made a new replacement referee!!
  5. Stone Cold Steve Austin had no involvement, due to being too expensive.
  6. Dialogue felt like the stars name dropping titles on their IMDb.
  7. They referenced a lot of jokes no one will remember to this day, such as Wilmer Valderrama having an affair with a mystery woman.
  8. Was Tally Wong ever needed?

Undead Qualities

  1. All the models, character designs and set pieces did get a nice upgrade.
  2. It is pretty cool to see Johnny Gomez and Nick Diamond once again.
  3. The animation, done by Cuppa Coffee Studios is pretty decent.
  4. The voice acting is pretty good.
  5. The 2011 revival of Beavis and Butt-Head can be an improvement over its 2006 revival.