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We all love learning a good lesson, but these are those that DON'T even try to tell a good moral to the point we get TV series that have the opposite of telling good morals. These from other shows have been known to throw in bad morals for people, regardless of age. Don't learn those shows from those episodes at all.

Examples include: Lie your way to the naive, If you're acting "masculine" for a female or "feminine" for a male, then you're transgender, fat shaming everyone is fine, be whining and harming others without being caught, attacking someone if someone messes with you is acceptable, racism is good, get away scot-free with your misdeeds, throwing temper tantrums can fix everything, not learning your lesson, committing theft is good, cheating is good, how not to handle any form of criticism, childish behavior/immaturity is acceptable, being serious makes you look like a complete idiot and not taking everything seriously is fine, etc. These morals are not for your own good at any cost.


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