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Cat in the Fiddle (Tom and Jerry Comedy Show)

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Cat in the Fiddle is the third part of episode 3 and the 9th episode overall of The Tom and Jerry Comedy Show

Cat in the Fiddle
Cat in the fiddle title card.png
I want a sincere apology on the back of this episode's crap performance! Piss off! EMBARRASSING! - Gordon Ramsay
Series: The Tom and Jerry Comedy Show
Episode Number: Overall: 9
Episode: 3c
Air Date: September 20, 1980
Writer: Jack Hanrahan
Tom Minton
Director: Don Christensen
Previous episode: Pest in the West
Next episode: Invasion of the Mouse Snatchers


After the musicians practice some orchestral music, Jerry wreaks havoc in the Muzichmeister Hall, Germany, causing Tom to fix all the instruments in the concert hall until people arrive to open the door.

Why It's A Bad Performance

  1. This is a Tom torture episode as he wanted to guard all the instruments, only for Jerry to trash them.
  2. Jerry is an unlikable character in this episode as he wreaks havoc in the concert hall by using levers to destroy Tom.
  3. The entire episode, starting from Jerry throwing a tomato, is mean-spirited, especially the climax where Tom accidentally destroys the switches, causing all the instruments to become big debris.
  4. The scene where Tom protects all instruments from getting destroyed by Jerry is completely repetitive.
  5. Plot Holes:
    • When Tom swings on the "Master Power Switches", how is it fixed, but only Tom gets electrocuted?
    • When he hears people opening the door, he fixes the instruments very quickly, in reality, fixing all of them in a shorter time will result in a mess or unfinished state.
  6. Jerry gets away scot-free when he saw the destroyed performance.
    • Also, when Tom saw the destroyed instruments, he ran away, which is hardly satisfying.
  7. Audience (or the conductor) would have booed the performance or gotten mad at Jerry for destroying the instruments and the whole performance, which is a rather wasted opportunity.
  8. Terrible Ending: When the musicians play the instruments during the performance, they are suddenly destroyed because of the mess that Tom did before, even though it was Jerry who causes the problem.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Tom is a likable character in this episode.
  2. The opening scene is the only decent scene in this episode.



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