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Cartoon Fight Club

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Cartoon Fight Club
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Cartoon Fight Club
Cfc s1-s2.jpg
The perfect example of why VS shows aren't supposed to be memetic.
Genre: VS Show
Running Time: Depends, but mostly 10+ minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: February 6, 2015 - present
Network(s): YouTube
Created by: AnimationRewind
Seasons: 4

Cartoon Fight Club is an American[citation needed] web series created by AnimationRewind. Its first episode was uploaded to YouTube on February 6, 2015. To date, the show has more than 300 episodes (counting the bonus episodes).

Why It Sucks

  1. The animation for the old episodes was horrible, it looks like something from a toy channel or from a random North Korean cartoon.
  2. A lot of episodes have pointless filler that doesn't even make any sense. For example, Batman vs Goku, Sans and Papyrus vs Shrek and Donkey, and Garnet vs Sans.
  3. They use the same character too many times. For example, Sans has been in CFC 15 times and that is not counting the bonus episodes, they also have the infamy of using characters who are or were popular at the time of the fight being released, for example, Baldi and Deltarune characters were spammed around the time both games were popular and nowadays fights with popular memes around the time of the upload are frequent (most recently they have spammed Among Us and Fall Guys fights).
    • In fact, they nowadays keep spamming Peppa Pig in various memetic fights that barely last over a minute, most likely because of the popularity of the infamous Roblox game Piggy, which is based on Peppa, nowadays, they don't use Piggy anymore due to it losing popularity yet they still use Peppa.
    • They have also been using the movie counterpart of Sonic the Hedgehog very constantly, in fact, there was a video where Movie Sonic fought against Roshan from Ice Age, and instantly won, which could make AnimationRewind part of the toxic Roshan hatedom.
  4. Speaking of which, Sans wins in almost every episode he is in, which can get annoying and predictable really fast.
  5. The bonus episodes are not only dumb but there are some pretty bad matchups like Sans vs. Goku.
  6. They ask the viewers to leave a certain amount of comments or likes for a Rematch or Total War, which gets annoying as it's really just an attempt to get likes and comments for their video.
  7. Most of the episodes are completely biased with their resources and when it comes to who would win that battle, for example, Princess Peach losing to Amy Rose, and as said above Sans beating almost everyone he goes up against. A lot of the characters who frequently lose fights are just shown to be pathetic. Characters like Godzilla are done horribly dirty.
    • In fact, there have been characters who seem to be put in there just so they lose, such as Mickey Mouse (who never won a fight until Mario vs Mickey Mouse and lost to SpongeBob three times) and SML Mario (who has literally never won a fight).
    • Not just that, but various characters are just punching bags who only exist to lose, and there are some who are basically flawless gods wth no weakness, with countless stupid reasons and made-up feats supporting why they win/lose. The dumbest instances of this include how Godzilla somehow loses to Optimus Prime because of "the Matrix of Wisdom", in where AnimationRewind deliberately ignored a ton of Godzilla's greatest feats and kept rambling about how powerful the Matrix of Wisdom was and treated it like it's an omnipotent thing.
  8. The co-hosting is mostly awful, especially with TeenGohanFighter.
  9. They rarely do requested ideas and instead do dumb matchups.
  10. The battles sometimes are extremely short, one example is Bendy vs Inkling.
  11. Several of the matchups have the first character a lot weaker than the one they are going against, such as:
    1. Mario (SML) vs. SMG4
    2. Jeffy vs. SMG4
    3. Alex the Lion vs. Simba
    4. Baldi vs. Monika
  12. They try way too hard to be hip with the kids, as there are a lot of outdated and unfunny memes in their battles.
    • On top of that, most of the memes they use are pretty annoying.
  13. Bland self-aware humor.
  14. It can get pretty boring a lot of the time.
  15. Some jokes come out of nowhere, like in "DanTDM vs PopularMMOs," there's a Ratafak Plachta jumpscare for some reason (which is then followed by an animation of Peter Griffin and Glenn Quagmire kissing), as well as in Chara vs Herobrine where a clip from the infamous video Obey the Walrus is shown, which can scare some audiences.
  16. AnimationRewind sometimes uses non-canon feats in videos, for example, in the "The Wattersons vs The Loud Family" video, they used Richard's wand, when in the actual episode, it was actually a fake wand Gumball and Darwin found in a cereal box.
  17. Ever since season 4, serious matchups are rarely done, and instead, almost all episodes are full of memes and/or are joke matchups. The worst thing is that Rewind Rumble episodes take a long time to be produced, so if you are a person who mainly watches CFC/RR for the serious matchups, you'll have to be very patient.
    • Even worse, some episodes have been put on a production for way too long, such as the Mario vs Mickey Mouse rematch, which was announced on January 26, 2019, and was released more than a year later on June 6, 2020 (meaning it took them 497 days to release it).
  18. CFC also has other shows such as Salt Assault, CFC Reloaded (a new version of the bonus episodes), and Cartoon Fight Night, but they have been completely ignored as some haven't had new episodes in a long time and/or the episodes get released infrequently, the worst case was CFN, which was completely butchered to the point it's channel now only focuses on memes and not battles.
  19. There are also times were CFC used memetic feats in episodes that were meant to be serious, such as the Disney vs Nickelodeon Total War where Team Nick won because of Dora the Explorer, who AnimationRewind claimed to be more powerful than Bill Cipher, in reality, Dora doesn't have fighting abilities outside of Dora and the Lost City of Gold (which wasn't even released nor confirmed at the time of the release of the episode) due to her being meant to be a character for a show for preschoolers, yet AR made her win effortlessly against the whole Disney team, which had actual powerhouses such as Mickey Mouse and, as mentioned earlier, Bill Cipher.
  20. In some episodes, they would use Squidward's scream from the SpongeBob SquarePants episode titled "Have You Seen The Snail?", which is cringeworthy and getting overused. (For example, John Cena, Saitama, Ugandan Knuckles (even though his scream is at 2x speed), and Somebody Toucha My Spaghet Guy are the characters that use Squidward's scream).

Redeeming Qualities

  1. There are some good episodes, such as:
    1. "Nintendo vs Sony"
    2. "Mario vs Link"
    3. "Pikachu vs Stitch"
    4. "Wario vs Knuckles 2"
    5. Some of the bonus episodes are decent, such as "Sonic vs Luigi" and "Mario vs Mickey Mouse."
  2. There are good 3D animated fights like Mickey Mouse vs Bugs Bunny.
  3. Some good matchups such as:
    1. Bendy vs Cuphead
    2. Sans and Papyrus vs Mario and Luigi
  4. It knows the problems it has, and the creators are trying to fix them.
  5. They sometimes have better research than Death Battle!, they always state that Mario and Luigi can lift a castle, while Death Battle! said that Luigi is weak and struggles to lift a vegetable (the feat is non-canon as the game where it happened (Super Mario Bros 2) was all a dream). They also explained how Superman has limits, while Death Battle! said Superman is limitless.
  6. Rewind Rumble is Rewind's number 1 focus and is an improvement from CFC, and has good episodes.
  7. The animation improved over the years.
  8. They have accurate results, such as Mario defeating Link in Mario vs Link, but the accurate results are not always present.
  9. The animators on AnimationRewind's team are talented.
  10. Catchy intro that is pretty good.

List of bad episodes

  1. "Sans vs Bill Cipher 1"
  2. "Wario vs Knuckles"
  3. "Boba Fett vs Samus"
  4. "Mario and Luigi vs Sonic"
  5. "Tails 1"


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