Captain N: The Game Master

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Captain N: The Game Master
Captain N - The Game Master - 01.jpg
Want a video game cartoon that's nothing but a terrible promotion for Nintendo games? This is the cartoon for you!
Genre: Action
Running Time: 22 minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: September 9, 1989 – October 26, 1991
Network(s): NBC
Distributed by: DIC Animation City
Seasons: 3
Episodes: 34

Captain N: The Game Master is an American-Canadian animated television series that aired on television from 1989 to 1991 as part of the Saturday morning cartoon lineup on NBC. The show was produced by DIC Animation City and incorporated elements from many of the most popular video games of the time from the Japanese company Nintendo.


Kevin, a teenage gamer and his friends fight to save Videoland from evil.

Why It Sucks

  1. The designs of Mega Man, Pit, and Simon Belmont were changed for some reason, making them unrecognizable, especially Simon.
    • Mega Man is green in the cartoon, which is especially egregious because he still has the nickname "Blue Bomber" in this series.
  2. Despite featuring Mother Brain from Metroid as the main antagonist, Samus Aran doesn't even appear in the series, nor is mentioned by anyone.
  3. Mega Man's voice acting is horrendous. He sounds like he's a daily smoker.
  4. The villains are corny and very ugly.
  5. When Captain N gets teleported to Videoland (which is a terrible name by the way), he turns into a hideous green CGI monster for a brief moment, which could scare young viewers.
  6. The whole show is a shameless promotion for Nintendo games. This becomes extremely obvious when a living Game Boy gets introduced and becomes part of the main cast.
  7. The animation, while acceptable for DIC standards, is not very good and pretty bland looking.
    1. The animation got to a complete nosedive in season 3, which due to budget cuts, forced DiC to move to another animation studio. The animation looks unpolished and the character designs became more simple.
  8. As said in WIS 4, the name of the town is stupid and plain unoriginal and uninspired.
  9. Captain N, along with some other characters, are bland.
  10. Some of the characters in the show have annoying verbal tics: Pit would randomly insert "-icus" into his sentences, and Mega Man would insert "mega" into his sentences.
  11. Strangely, Pit is named "Kid Icarus" in this series. This is like calling Link "Zelda" or calling Samus "Metroid".

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The voice acting (except for Mega Man and Game Boy) is passable.
  2. The designs for the characters look decent.


  • Captain N: The Game Master received mixed reviews on IMDB.


  • Ian James Corlett, who provided the voice of Dr. Wily, would go on to voice Mega Man in the 1994 cartoon of the same name by Ruby-Spears.


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