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Cannonballistic (Buddy Thunderstruck)

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Cannonballistic (Buddy Thunderstruck)
Get the Hock Out's related cousin.
Series: Buddy Thunderstruck
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 8a
Air Date: March 10, 2017
Writer: Thomas Krajewski
Director: Harry Chaskin
Previous episode: Stunt Fever
Next episode: Mayor May Not

Cannonballistic is the 15th episode of Buddy Thunderstruck.


Cannonball quits being a cop and tries out new jobs, but Buddy and Darnell's miss being chased by him.

Why It Should Get Shot by Cannonballs

  1. This is a very harsh Sheriff Cannonball and Deputy Hoisenberry torture episode.
  2. Some of the characters were very unlikeable in this episode.
    • Buddy Thunderstruck and Darnell Fetzaervalve were even more flanderized than they were in Get the Hock Out as the former went from a dim-witted and toughest, yet mature and likable country ace truck racer and the latter being an mature and intelligent voice-of-reason-type mechanic to even more unlikable Gary-Stus who did all the mean-spirited and stupid actions towards Cannonball by firing him from his new jobs as a Zeil's Truck Shop employee and a co-announcer at the Greasepit Country Speedway for their action, Darnell is also unable to defend Hoisenberry from Robby Burgles despite being very supportive and friendly to him in earlier episodes like "To Project and Swerve" and "Truck Cab in the Woods" which is even stupider than one time he uintaites in Mama Possum's birdbath and Buddy is still an despicable and annoying idiot who is more dumber and immature and seen to have lost all of his character development, which clearly shows that they haven't recover from their flanderizations in Get the Hock Out.
    • Leroy is very unlikable unlike his other appearances as he literally fires Cannonball for breaking his cardinal when Buddy actually breaks it and shifts the blame on Cannonball.
    • Nick the New Guy is dumber than he was in Buddy Double and Get the Hock Out as he fires him after hearing archival recordings unrelated to Nick's secrets, but rather Buddy and Cannonball's conversation. he heard "I like eating farts on toast, farts are great condiments" and "Nick sleeps in a baby crib and sucks his thumb" while looking at Cannonball and says tells them to stop telling everyone his secrets even though he didn't say anything, but rather Buddy and Darnell, and when Nick heard the latter, he barely saw Cannonball's mouth move and still blamed him. This caused Cannonball to rage and say "That is clearly not me! I mean, you all are just manure-brained morons!".
  3. Overuse for poop and fart jokes, even in the boy's bathroom scene. Not helping that Buddy and Darnell are probably the main reason for those jokes.
  4. Plot Hole: Why doesn't Cannonball hire someone who is tougher enough to defeat criminals like Artichoke or Buddy Thunderstruck (possibly of what happened last time when he became a cop).
  5. Cringe-worthy dialogue, particularly " Looks like a batch of chocolate chip cookies exploded."
  6. Artichoke appears in the episode for filler.
  7. Stupid Ending: Cannonball, Buddy, and Darnell are put in jail by Robby Burgles who would possibly go on a crime streak again.
  8. Buddy said to Cannonball that he "failed" every job in town yet he hasn't even tried other places like the Gold Brick Pawnshop (which Cannonball could easily notice Big Tex's greedy and illegal actions) and Stanky's Donuts.
  9. Much like Get the Hock Out, this episode seen to have contradicted the events of To Project and Swerve and Truck Cab in the Woods.
  10. Its plot is rather nonsensical and weak to the series as a whole, being one of the two episodes in the series that served as filler (along with Get the Hock Out) which never usually happens compared to most episodes which barely have any impact on the series overall (even for a non-Belvedere Moneybags arc episode), but even so, it can still be skipped. You can watch the show, skip this episode, and anything too important would not be missed.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Buddy and Darnell's motives towards Cannonball were justified. They wanted Cannonball to sheriff back because Hoisenberry is too small and gullible to defeat the criminals in Greasepit.
  2. Nick and Leroy both get some karma from Cannonball in the Concho Bolo scene.
    • Robby Burgles putting Buddy and Darnell in jail was justified, but not for Cannonball.
  3. Muncie is more likable than she was in Get the Hock Out. She didn't want to fire Cannonball for Buddy and Darnell's actions and she had a more justified reason why she doesn't want Cannonball to work in the Concho Bolo anymore: He makes a terrible waiter, so instead of firing him, she made him quit by making clean the boys bathroom.
    • Even Leroy's reason why he fired Cannonball was actually understood is that he actually broke his cardinal unlike Nick the New Guy.
  4. Despite the filler, Artichoke is more likable than in Get the Hock Out.
  5. The episode, along with Get the Hock Out, were both non-canon to the Thomas Krajewski era and the entire show because the events of the episode were never seen or mentioned again.
  6. The dialogue " Looks like a batch of chocolate chip cookies exploded" is somewhat hilarious to some people, despite cringeworthy.


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