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Cancellation of Final Space

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Final Space is an animated sci-fi comedy/drama that aired on TBS and Adult Swim that aired from February 26, 2018 to June 14, 2021 and lasted for three seasons. It was created by Olan Rogers (who starred in the show). 36 episodes were produced.


An astronaut serving a five year prison sentence runs into a sentient alien and gets dragged into an adventure with the fate of the universe at stake.


Olan Rogers admitted that he had planned for the show to last six seasons and included a proper ending to fall back on in the situation that the show was going to be cancelled. Unfortunately on September 10, 2021, Olan released a video on his YouTube channel that announced that the show was cancelled after three seasons and that Warner Bros did not let him place his planned ending in to the series. This occurred after the last episode “The Devil’s Den” ended in a massively bleak cliffhanger which saw the antagonist Invictus capture Mooncake and escape from it’s prison. Olan later revealed on Twitter that the show got caught in the crossfire of a planned merger between WarnerMedia and Discovery.


Several fans of the show after hearing about the news of the cancellation, launched several petitions on to demand for the renewal of Final Space with one petition reaching over 13,000 signatures. Olan later revealed that he was working on two video games based on the series with one for VR and the other for consoles games with Olan revealing that he provided the materials for his planned fourth and fifth seasons to the developers of the console game. On February 28, 2022, Adult Swim released a joke clip that focuses on the cancellation of the show and the demands from fans to renew it with Coty Galloway (who voiced Avocato on the show) revealing that Warner Brothers is aware of the demand for the show’s renewal. On June 14, 2022, Olan Launched a Kickstarter campaign focusing on an animated short film/documentary based on the show called Godspeed in an attempt to convince Warner Bros executives to provide him a proper way to end the series. During the project, Olan released a video revealing that Final Space was going to be pulled off of HBO Max, indicating that the Warner Bros executives are refusing to listen to fans and refusing to bring Final Space back on air. The Godspeed project was fully funded within two hours with many stretch goals hit afterwards with the campaign ending with $464,438 funded.


  • Watchmojo ranked Final Space at #4 on Top 10 Cartoon Cancellations That Made Fans Rage Quit.