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COMIX Minis/COMIX Shorts

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COMIX Minis/COMIX Shorts

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What's the point of having "comedy" in the title since there's barely anything funny happening? Just failed attempts at "adult humor"?
Genre: Black comedy
Adult animation
Running Time: 3-10 minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: March 17, 2015 - present
Network(s): YouTube
Created by: Haden Mortensen (1999-2013)
Jedd Judd (2000-2011)
Alexander Mortensen (2015-present)
Distributed by: LMNB
Starring: Dan P. Lyons
Alexander Mortensen
Julianna DePallo
Matt Crowley
Episodes: 308 (Shorts)
300+ (Minis)

COMIX Minis and COMIX Shorts are names of adult-oriented animated series launched in 2015 and 2018 by Alexander Vincent Andrew Mortensen in his "company", Comedy Mix, Inc. The two series focuses on The Data Crew, Alexander's self-insert, and many other characters' day-to-day lives. Due to the semi-ongoing controversy on the pioneers, it became infamous and was one of the subjects of the aforementioned controversy, and caused many people to cut ties with them. The "COMIX" name is a portmanteau of "Comedy" and "Mix". A spin-off, taking place in the Rodfellows universe, The TRF Data Crew, was released in 2019 with a full season complete (though one of them got removed from Alexander's YouTube temporarily due to its very explicit nature and was also the subject to one of their controversies.).

Why the Comedy Didn't Mix

  1. Stilted and limited animation despite it being animated by a team of two. There are stiff movements that make the characters move like robots instead of actual human beings.
  2. Comix Shorts along with the first 10 seasons of Comix Minis had ugly character designs make the characters look like they have no souls. Especially on Shorts. Take Kody's design in the aforementioned Shorts for example. Come on, take a good, deep look at his soulless face.
  3. Cringe-inducing voice acting that's in the same vein as JFG; some of the voices are too quiet while some are either loud or in poor quality.
  4. Just like with the Jungle Forest Gang, the characters are both unlikeable and are cookie-cutter stereotypes at best. In addition, the episode stories are slow and boring with very little to absolutely no plot; even for its short runtime!
  5. It tries to be edgy with its humor (if you can call that "humor".) but falls flat.
  6. Quantity Over Quality: Like with The Rodfellows, this franchise is running for 22 years straight and thanks in part to its limited and stilted animation, episodes tend to release quickly, and currently has a combined total640+ episodes and counting.
  7. Much like Gi's Very Big Belly and the sleeping episodes of The Rodfellows Improved, the TRF Data Crew episode, Birth of the 4G1G was hit with tons of exposure and controversy and was nothing but a way for Alexander to showcase his creepy and erotic fantasies over their fictitious women. It was noted that they use this episode to jerk off their gherkins to their women characters. You can read more details about the episode here.
  8. Like with the Rodfellows, most of the characters have little to no personalities, because like we said before, most of them are just your typical, generic, cookie-cutter stereotypes found in many other characters from different shows.
  9. It uses stock music for the soundtrack too frequently in every episode. That also shows how uncreative the show's creator was.
  10. Speaking of WTCDM#7, Comix Minis had its own versions of sleeping episodes as well, both named Wet Dream and Wild Dream. These episodes were hit with controversy as well, and in fact one of them having been deleted from his channel. This shows Alex cannot take criticism and is a pedophile.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some of the episodes can be funny sometimes.
  2. Luckily, on November 24, 2021, the creator, Alexander Mortensen, finally cut ties with Darren A. Nichols due to his nowadays behavior and then apologized about his past actions. However, it didn't help since he is still partnered with Dan P. Lyons, though it is due to financial reasons.
  3. Season 11 is an improvement over the first 10 seasons with vastly superior designs.


To read the controversy on Alexander Vincent Andrew Mortensen as well as the other LMN pioneers, please visit: The Jungle Forest Show.


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