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CNN (2015-present)

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CNN (2015-present)
Fake News Network.png
"TSEW is nothing more than a racist, sexist, homophobic, Repubican pro-Nazi propaganda website who sides with Donald Trump" - Anderson Cooper or Don Lemon, probably
Genre: News
Running Time: 24 hours a day
Country: United States
Created by: Ted Turner
Distributed by: CNN Global (Warner Bros. Discovery)

The Cable News Network (CNN) is a news channel often bundled with cable packages. It launched on June 1, 1980, in Atlanta as the world's first 24-hour cable news network. This news channel had usually remained neutral in the past, but since and after the 2016 elections, it was notably leaned towards the Democratic Party['s Establishment] up until 2022, where since under Warner Bros. Discovery management, as made a 160-degree change to instead towards the Republican Party in a center-right or right-wing angle.


While this is a bad source of news and shouldn't be used as your first-hand account, it is still important to watch this. Remember that one should consider all sides of an argument before forming their political opinion, and reading different sources to see/hear what they're saying will help you.

Why It's Opinions First Now


  1. It is very biased in reporting certain news. Until 2001 (and to a lesser extent, 2001-2014), they were actually considered to be the least biased news channel, especially during the impeachment of Bill Clinton (when most other news networks were making him out to be either a degenerate pervert or an unfairly persecuted saint), but they've moved massively to the "left" since then.
    • They had bad moments in the 90s as well, as according to WISN#3 they almost always pushed for the American side in international conflicts, which was the most pronounced during the Yugoslav Wars, when pretty much everything the Serbian government did was equated to the whole Serbian people. Yes, they blamed the people, not the government.
  2. Often ignores most newsworthy stories that go against their interests.


  1. Most of the time, they favored the Political (Democratic and sometimes Republican Party) establishments through the past two to three decades. Not to mention that these practices during the 2016 and 2020 presidential elections sped up the network's decline.
    • Completely sided with Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election, doing everything to get her to win, rather than act neutral to both parties.
      • This happened again in the 2020 presidential election, as they were once again very anti-Bernie Sanders and shifted any Democratic Party primary candidates who were "far-left" from him until Biden won in the South Carolina primary (despite being a deep-red state). They then sided with him to take Bernie down. And even after Bernie gave up the presidential race, they furiously attacked him for not being nice enough to Biden, despite Bernie being nice to everyone, including his Primary rivals, such as Biden.
  2. When a GIF of Donald Trump wrestling a man with a CNN logo for a head emerged, CNN tracked the man down and made him issue an apology, threatening to release the man's identity if he didn't. This led to a large backlash against them, leading to attempts at damage control.
  3. Despite the immense backlash for threatening to blackmail the man who made the tweet, CNN doubled down on its decision, saying that anyone who makes "hate speech" or "bigoted" comments should be "reigned in."
  4. They also tracked down another pro-Trump supporter through her Facebook page and publicly shamed her.
  5. They talk about Trump WAY too much, and sometimes dissolve into non-stop Trump-bashing, with not much actual news in-between. They still talk about him sometimes even after Joe Biden has become President.
  6. Their former host Chris Cuomo falsely stated that it's illegal to view emails from WikiLeaks but it's perfectly fine for the media to view them and that you should blindly trust the news media on the information they found.[1] He also asks "please, show me where it says protesters are supposed to be polite and peaceful."[2] which is an ignorant thing to say because of the first amendment of the United States. Constitution gives citizens the right to peacefully protest. Also, it sounds like he's fine with people destroying property, causing harm to innocent bystanders, and looting stores which is why people oppose political groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa.
  7. Has dismissed and even defended the violent terrorist actions of many BLM and Antifa supporters.
  8. On January 18, 2019, they bullied Nick Sandmann, a kid for wearing a MAGA hat for no reason at all.
  9. Because of them, Trump supporters have spawned the infamous "#FakeNews" hashtag.
  10. They oftentimes accuse President Trump of white supremacy and being affiliated with Nazis despite the latter addressing and condemning it multiple times. In addition, Don Lemon, who is a CNN news reporter, called out Trump for being a Klans member without any proof.
  11. The Trump/Russia collusion, while a good topic to discuss, is overly supported by CNN, all because the Democratic Party lost the 2016 U.S. Presidential election. Thanks to the bias CNN is notorious for, the topic was left (or Pro-Democratic Party establishment) with flimsy evidence or the lack of evidence to back any electoral rigging, all leading to this conclusion: there was no election rigging in the 2016 and 2020 Presidential Elections.
    • Even this result CNN refuses to accept, and only continues to milk this conspiracy theory out even though the final results are out. CNN Supervising Producer John Bonifield even admitted that this story was only made/investigated in hope of raising CNN's ratings.
  12. During the White House briefings on the coronavirus pandemic, CNN cut the streams early in order to "fact check" what was said and wanted to give their interpretation of the briefings.
    • One infamous example was when Michael James Lindell (creator of My Pillow) was speaking and CNN criticized the White House for letting him speak and immediately cut the stream. It turns out that Lindell said that he was converting his factories to produce more face masks for healthcare workers to combat shortages.
  13. They made up random claims of some media that they have no evidence of at all:
    1. They called Thomas the Tank Engine and PAW Patrol fascist for no reason in 2017.[3]
    2. They once called anime and manga "child porn" without any evidence. Is CNN blind or something?[4]
      • It's also hypocritical for Turner Broadcasting System (the Company that owns CNN) to allow this since they also own Cartoon Network whose Adult Swim's block has Toonami which broadcasts anime.
  14. Completely embarrassed themselves when they covered the happening incident by having their technology analyst Brett Larson say that 4Chan is a system administrator, that this person used a password app to get access to the nude photos and recommended that if your password is "password", then change the s's to dollar signs.
  15. After the death of George Floyd, another race-related incident/murder happened, where Rashard Brooks was shot and killed by police officers after he stole a taser, which normally would have warranted a simple arrest. When news broke, they showed the footage of him being shot! Yes, it was blurry due to it being a small part of the security camera frame, but they still showed an actual murder on live TV.
  16. Speaking of the George Floyd protest, they blatantly attempted to show the good side of the protest to the point they defended any actions from that protest that was reprehensible. As a result, during the riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin, a reporter says that protests were mostly peaceful as he is standing in front of cars on fire[5] despite all the hell breaking loose. If there's property being destroyed, then it's not peaceful!
  17. They have been known to label Democrats they dislike as Republicans just like Fox News does. They did this with Democrat Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, just because he was racist (Wore blackface and with a KKK member).
  18. Speaking of WISN#7, CNN along with many other MSM news outlets and even SJWs attacked the movie Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, due to Donald Trump making a cameo appearance.
  19. They are one of the main reasons why the United States is incredibly divided along with Fox News, QAnon, Antifa, the Proud Boys, White Pride, and BLM.
  20. They try to give off the image of being balanced by inviting people from both sides, but it often erupts into chaos.
  21. During the coverage of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, CNN just pulled out an Applebee’s ad as a joke! NO. REALLY. IT DID HAPPEN ON LIVE TELEVISION. As a result, Applebee’s pulled out all advertising from the network.


  1. An sudden shift to now propagandizing/reporting for the Republican Party, since late August. Under the new CEO Chris Licht, the network canceled Reliable Sources and fired host Brian Stelter, instructed that Former POTUS Donald Trump's 2020 election conspiracies no longer be referred to as "the big lie", and secretly fired correspondent John Harwood for speaking too favorably of liberal issues, with him leaving shortly after praising a speech from Biden where he called Republicans "semi-fascists".

Redeeming Qualities

  1. They used to be good before 2015.
  2. CNN is still the most-watched news channel.
    • Its most iconic logo is still good.
  3. Its very creative on-air graphics.
  4. Like many news channels, it targets certain terrorist organizations such as ISIS.
  5. They dropped Kathy Griffin from their New Years' event after she posed in a picture with a fake bloody head of Donald Trump, which even liberals would find in bad taste.
  6. Oftentimes, they post non-political new stories outside of politics, like the arrest of Jussie Smollet.
  7. It sometimes has bittersweet and emotional moments, like when Anderson Cooper paid tribute to his late mother and announced the birth of his son.
  8. Unlike multiple major news sources, CNN does not make gaming look evil, thus not associated with being Anti-GamerGate.
  9. They have highlighted the evils of racism broadly, which is important for people to know.
  10. Its international versions and website are still good.
  11. Some of there views on international issues(Russia vs Ukraine, rising tensions between China and Taiwan, the Cuban protests and the Sudan Military coup) can be very good.



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