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Bye Bye Booty (Breadwinners)

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Bye Bye Booty (Breadwinners)
Part of Season: 2
Episode Number: 10b
Air Date: April 18, 2016
Writer: Kevin Arrieta
Steve Borst
Director: Ken McIntyre
Previous episode: A Crustmas Story
Next episode: Flock Collecting

Bye Bye Booty is the 19th Season 2 episode of Breadwinners and the 59th episode overall.


Buhdeuce's booty feels mistreated, and it separates from him.

Why It Should Go Bye Bye

  1. The premise of the episode is so weird, insane, gross, lewd and nonsensical, even by the show's standards.
  2. Unfunny beginning where Buhdeuce booty kicks like usual.
  3. The annoying and unfunny song sequence where Buhdeuce sings about his booty kick.
  4. The disturbing scene where Buhdeuce's booty detaches from him.
  5. Buhdeuce abuses his butt so much that he wants to leave him.
  6. This episode is weird even for the show's standards. And that's saying something since this show is hated.
  7. The episode lazily ripped off "The Day My Butt Went Psycho!", which isn't any better than this.
  8. Buhdeuce is a huge jerk in this episode.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Buhdeuce apologizes for taking his booty for granted.
  2. Buhdeuce and his booty forgive each other in the end.
  3. The Hello Booty song is catchy.
  4. Despite being a terrible idea for a character, Kenneth, Buhdeuce's booty is quite sympathetic.
  5. SwaySway is very likable in this episode. He explains to Buhdeuce that he has to apologize and be sincere. SwaySway says he would watch as Buhdeuce's plan backfires in his face. But Buhdeuce kind of deserved that.


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