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Burger Bandits (HobbyKids Adventures)

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Burger Bandits (HobbyKids Adventures)
Burger Bandits.png
"tHiS iS a pAiD aDvErTiSeMeNt fOr cArL's jR1111!111"
Series: HobbyKids Adventures
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 1
Air Date: August 21, 2019
Writer: Rose Frankel
Director: Butch Hartman
Previous episode: Broken Record
Next episode: Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

Burger Bandits is an episode of HobbyKids Adventures.

Why It Doesn’t Deserve a Burger

  1. It's all a paid advertisement for Carl's Jr., and it shows. The characters spend most of the episode talking about how great Carl's Jr is.
    • To add insult to the injury, they never bring up Hardee’s, even though it’s Carl’s Jr., the people living in the East Coast are not affected.
  2. The episode contains nothing but product placement.
  3. The HobbyKids are selfish to try to skip the line, and then turn everything into hamburgers.
  4. The SlobbyKids were portrayed as being in the wrong for trying to prevent the HobbyKids from skipping initially, even though they were completely right. Then things go downhill when the SlobbyKids steal all the hamburgers.
  5. Hilariously bad writing and dialogue.
  6. The HobbyKids turn everything into burgers, even their mom's computer, the television, the car, and the toilet paper, which is nonsensical.
  7. The HobbyKids never get punished for their actions, only called out, making them Karma Houdinis.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. At least the SlobbyKids didn't turn HobbyMom and HobbyDad at the end, otherwise, things will get too dramatic.
  2. Decent voice acting as usual.
  3. This episode can be nostalgistic to some Carl's Jr. fans and people.


  • There is also the unbranded version of the episode in which Carl's Jr. was changed to Cosmo Burgers.


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