Bunny Maloney

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Bunny Maloney
Bunny Maloney.jpg
Don’t let the theme song fool you! The title character himself is NOT EVEN lovely! Speaking of which: This is the show America never got. (well kinda.)
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 13 minutes
Country: France
Release Date: March 29, 2009 – February 28, 2010
Created by: Nicolaï "Méko" Chauvet
Utku Kaplan
Distributed by: Studio Tanuki
Starring: Martial Le Minoux
Élisabeth Ventura
Matt Wilkinson
Episodes: 52

Bunny Maloney is a French 2009 CGI animated show produced by MoonScoop, who was also known for creating cartoons such as Code Lyoko and Hero 108. The show is based on the pilot, Pinpin le Lapin: Attack of the Giant Red Octopus.


Bunny (the titular character) is an anthropomorphic pink rabbit who's constantly being an immature and overconfident jerk. He lives in an apartment with his adorable yet very rude pink girlfriend, Candy Bunny, and his blue best friend Jean-Francois. The place is sometimes visited by a red badger/tanuki named Stan Ookie and a cute white goat/cow named Charlotte.

They have one enemy by the name of Professor Debilouman, who always gets in their way (because he's evil). He also has this light purple unknown creature called Modchi, who is smarter than him as he likes to spit out sarcastic remarks and sometimes annoy his boss. They fight him using a huge red mecha called the Bunnyganger, though there are other ways that Debilouman's submarine will sink at the end of each episode.

Bad Qualities

  1. It's slightly, if not very clichéd:
    1. A majority of the characters holding idiot balls only for the sake of comedy, which can be annoying once in a while.
    2. The couple of the two main bunnies try to execute the "nice girl, rude guy" trope, when Candy has notable flaws that can make her as unsympathetic as Bunny.
    3. In general, the show tries to make Candy look superior to Bunny by treating her as the "straight woman". Throughout every episode, especially those where she's one of the focused characters, she's bossy, temperamental and abusive at worst.
    4. Also applying to the said couple: "Abuse is funny when it's woman on man!", which blatantly happens in a majority of episodes. It can get incredibly cringy and even uncomfortable to watch, especially when Candy still can get pissed off as all hell at Bunny at the end of "Bunnies are from Mars" (which sort of involved them getting mad at each other).
      • In "Text Message Madness", Candy nearly kills Bunny with rockets for a fake message talking of a breakup.
      • There's also some gags like in "Think Extinct", where she threatens Bunny with a shotgun at one point.
      • Also, why couldn’t they just break up? Apparently the show tries to excuse this toxic relationship by essentially saying "even if it's super problematic, they still love each other anyway. so it's okay!"
  2. While it's passable, the CGI animation with cel-shading can be bad at times.
  3. The characters, despite cute-looking, are very simple looking. Bunny and Candy were supposed to be bunnies but they look more like stick figures with a few bunny traits.
  4. Limited facial expressions on most characters, which can be cringeworthy at times as well, like in one episode Bunny makes some weird face after he fell over when he saw Charlotte.
  5. The characters, which can range from being ridiculous or not being established enough:
    1. Bunny, who can be unintentionally unsympathetic and is even considered a jerk according to the plot.
    2. Candy, who can be annoying due to her mean personality.
    3. And maybe even sometimes Jean-Francois or Louis (if they count for arguably being sort of useless throughout the show).
  6. Then there are some incidental characters such as:
    1. Charlotte, Candy's best goat, cow or sheep friend, who is portrayed dull and really lustful, but mainly wants Bunny to be her boyfriend. (How does she want him even though he already had a girlfriend?)
    2. Ben Tonari, Jean-Francois's slightly strange best friend (who doesn't even have a notable or good personality in general), who only can speak some weird language, sorta like gibberish. He's also of an unknown species despite his human look.
    3. Noacak, a giddy-up dictator with an unknown species who leads an army/group of soldiers, but doesn't actually help Bunny and the ProtecTeam per episode, making him more careless. (It's also rather baffling that Bunny decides to join his army...)
    4. Marc and Ting, who are the "product advertising" guys, and the only "product advertising" guys ever in the show, which sounds pretty generic. (Not to mention Ting has an unfortunate design looking like Asian caricatures. Their names are also play-on words of "marketing".)
    5. And who could even forget Debilouman himself (the antagonist). He is considered a horrible professor and a pathetic villain as he frequently thinks he can get his plans executed perfectly (despite his lack of common sense), whose partner Modchi confirms that he is better than him.
  7. Speaking of characters, some of them aren't really expanded beyond on at least a few traits. Stan Ookie especially, cause while he is one of the tolerable characters, he's just a recurring character who can't show the most of his personality.
  8. Some of the humour is just plain unfunny and bland, centering on adult jokes at all. We also have occasional gross-out humour.
    • There's also a running gag where Candy breaks the fourth wall. And yet, she gives off unfortunate notes such as how men are the reason women turn into nags, comparing addicts to children and treating them with "tough love" (as she has a whip in her hand) and also technically said pet abuse is okay.
  9. The theme song, which is sung by the same woman in the English version, and it sounds stupidly indecipherable.
    • Speaking of which, it also lazily uses episode footage as well.
    • The theme song’s tune doesn’t even match the actual show itself, it sounds Hawaiian and too heartwarming compared to the show’s mean-spirited and action-packed tone.
  10. Misleading Lyrics: The opening theme song made us think Bunny Maloney is the "lovely bunny" and "charming rabbit", when he’s an unlikable jerk in the actual episodes according to the plot itself.
  11. Jean-Francois, who can only speak his name (similar to Pokémon talk), can also be pretty annoying and useless sometimes, though he’s still likeable comparing to the rest.
  12. The risque humor didn't help cause this show was based on a more mature pilot simply titled "The Attack of the Giant Red Octopus".

Good Qualities

  1. The writing is decent.
    • It can actually be funny sometimes.
  2. The soundtrack is seemingly good.
  3. The theme song is catchy, despite the lyrics.
  4. The character designs are quite cute and decent, even if they're very simple-looking.
  5. The lighting at times can also look cool.
  6. The CGI animation with cel-shading is mostly good. The background designs are also arguably a little complex, but decent.
  7. Some awesome action scenes.
  8. The voice acting is decent in both countries. Props to the fact that MoonScoop has its English dub being cast with British people.
  9. At least it isn't as bad as the original pilot.
  10. Stan Ookie and Jean-Francois are likable characters.




2 months ago
Score 1
I think that I played a flash game of this back then on Friv and I tried it to beat it but it got removed years later


27 days ago
Score 1
Bunny's voice in the original french dub is sounded like a annoying version of the french voice of SpongeBob! And his voice in the english dub sounded like a annoying bratty british teenager! And Jean-Francois' voice in the french dub sounded like a weird high-pitched version of Squeaky Voice Teenager's voice in the french dub of The Simpsons!


25 days ago
Score 1
ohhh yeah i remeber watching this when i was 7!


25 days ago
Score 0
Many episodes and the english dub are lost! The complete series DVD in French, UK, and USA is not released and not on Netflix or Disney+ for many old non-Disney shows. And I know that it did aired in the USA on Kabillion.

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