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Buddy Double (Buddy Thunderstruck)

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Buddy Double (Buddy Thunderstruck)
Buddy Double.png
"This is like promising a kid a puppy, then coming home with a Scooby-Doo hand puppet." - Nate Wright on August 5, 2011.
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 1a
Air Date: March 10, 2017
Writer: Thomas Krajewski
Director: Eric Towner
Next episode: Beaver Dam Fast Pizza

Buddy Double is the first segment of the first episode of Buddy Thunderstruck.


An evil impostor Buddy causes problems all over town, landing the real Buddy in trouble.

Why It’s a Half rather than a Double

  1. It's a Buddy-torture episode, and the fact it's the first segment of the first episode doesn't help either.
  2. Jacko barely looks like the real Buddy Thunderstruck since he's not a dog like Buddy apart from the poorly painted vest and helmet to make them look like Buddy's outfit and race helmet, and there is no way anybody's gonna believes he's Buddy Thunderstruck (even Big Tex stated that out) until Mr. Weaselbrat drove in and thinks he is Buddy. Yeah, pretty much everybody is an idiot.
    • It's like Thomas Krajewski ran out of ideas of a Buddy imposter and decided to make the citizens of Greasepit dumb enough to mistake Jacko for Buddy.
  3. not only that but its a terrible way to start to great show
  4. Two Plot Holes: If Mr. And Mrs. Weaselbrat hates Buddy Thunderstruck so much, then why are they still wearing their Buddy Thunderstruck-themed T-shirts? Will it make more sense if they wore different shirts like Tex Jr's 13 t-shirts. This shows how lazy the animators are.
    • How did Buddy and Darnell got arrested when they clearly didn't do anything wrong? Thankfully, the true person (Jacko) behind the damage got arrested.
  5. An annoying running gag where everyone says that Jacko and Buddy look very identical when they're obviously not.
  6. No one apologized or got punished for their mean-spirited and stupid actions towards Buddy, despite their redemption.
  7. Everyone (except Buddy, Darnell, Hoisenberry, Auntie Uncle, Tex Jr, and Leroy) are stupidly unlikable as they backstab Buddy for ruining Greasepit despite Jacko doing the following actions such as:
    • Crashing at a Baby Possum's birthday party and insulting her.
    • Robbing Really Old Lady's bank and calling her and her bank stupid.
    • Running over Artichoke's motorcycle and spitting on one of its wheels.
    • Throwing a banana cream pie at Handsome Joe's face.
    • Giving Mr. Weaselbrat a wedgie.
    • Farting on Nick the New Guy's face and dumping ice cream on his beak.
    • Robbing the truck shop and karate-chopping the real Buddy on the shoulder.
  8. It's basically the beginning of Big Tex's hypocritical and greedy mood shown in Get the Hock Out as he treats his own son like a cash cow even though he’s the worst racer in the Figure 8 speedway, acts as a huge hypocrite for yelling “Fart Nugget. I hate me some Buddy Thunderstruck” when he talks and hires Buddy along with Darnell in Get the Hock Out, treating Jacko Valtrades like a slave instead of an employee, and lied about Tex Jr’s race number being lucky through his billboard.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. At least Buddy proved to everyone that he is innocent in the end.
  2. The beginning and ending are the only good parts. The beginning shows Buddy winning and everyone loving him, while the ending is the best part! It secretly hints at the Belvedere Moneybags arc.
  3. Jacko Valtrades got arrested for his crime over town and Big Tex got booed by the audience considering his evil and hypocritical actions in this episode.
  4. Buddy, Darnell, Hoisenberry, Auntie Uncle, and even Tex Jr. are the only likable characters in the episode.
  5. At least Darnell, Auntie Uncle, Hosienberry, Tex Jr, Leroy, Belvedere Moneybags, Muncie Thunderstruck, the Beavers, Robby Burgles, Mama Possum, and Scout are the only characters who don’t hate Buddy for Jacko’s actions which do make sense since Darnell and Auntie Uncle would never be mean to Buddy and the last seven characters have been introduced in later episodes (especially Muncie who would never be that mean to her cousin).
  6. The next segment, Beaver Dam Fast Pizza is considered an improvement to Buddy Double since four new characters were introduced (Muncie Thunderstruck and the Beavers) and there are fewer mean-spirited moments than Buddy Double.


  • This is also the first episode on the wiki to be from a Netflix original series.


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