Bucky and Pepito

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Bucky and Pepito
Bucky and Pepito title card 2.png
So this show thought it could really get away with ripping off Looney Tunes again, huh...
Genre: Adventure
Running Time: 5 minutes
Release Date: September 8, 1959 - March 22, 1960
Network(s): WENR-TV (now WLS-TV)/ABC
Created by: Sam Singer
Episodes: 36
Previous show: The Adventures of Paddy the Pelican

Bucky and Pepito is a 1959 animated television series produced by Sam Singer. The series is partially lost, and little information is known about it. Any episodes of the series have entered the public domain due to failure to renew the copyright.

Bad Qualities

  1. The show was infamous for its offensive stereotyping. For example: Pepito is a racist Mexican stereotype.
  2. Much like Singer's earlier shows, it tries to be like Looney Tunes, but fails every single time.
  3. The animation while not terrible, and while it may do good in some ways or aspects, is pretty lackluster.
  4. The voices of this sound very egregious. Especially the coyote.
  5. Some of the jokes are unfunny and dull.
  6. Some bland designs that look like they were simply stolen from Looney Tunes, such as the jackrabbit and the coyote.
  7. The music is monotonous.
  8. The color palettes look very unappealing and awful.
  9. The characters seem to talk way too fast.
  10. The sound quality can sound really poor at times.
  11. Mediocre voice acting.

Good Qualities

  1. Good backgrounds.
  2. Some passable designs for characters such as Bucky, and Pepito themselves.
  3. The show doesn't reuse animation unlike Singer's earlier show, which is an improvement.
  4. Some funny gags and jokes at times.
  5. Some of the episodes were decent.
  6. The theme song, while repetitive, can be okay.
  7. The animation whilist subpar, does do good in some aspects.


Bucky and Pepito has a 2.4/10 on IMDb, but while the show is considered by many to be bad, the cartoon is at least considered an improvement over Sam Singer's last show.

Google users gave the show a 31% score.


  • Much like Pow Wow and Paddy the Pelican, the entire show is in the public domain, meaning it is free of copyright, because Sam Singer and company never bothered to renew the copyright, as would have been required for 1950s works. This means it can be used for any purpose, including redistributing and remixing and can be downloaded for free online.




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