Brett Venom MD (Sanjay and Craig)

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Brett Venom MD (Sanjay and Craig)
Not a good way to start a new Nicktoon.
Series: Sanjay and Craig
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 1a
Air Date: May 25, 2013
Writer: Neil Graf
Blake Lemons
Chris Viscardi
Director: Tom Yasumi
Next episode: Laugh Quake

"Brett Venom MD" is the first episode in the first season of Sanjay and Craig. It is the first episode overall. It starts off as a season kick-off and introduces all the new characters.


Sanjay and Craig, upon hearing that Sanjay's mother is about to help in a butt transplant, try to sneak into the hospital to view it. They disguise themselves as doctors and discover that the patient is Mr. Noodman, their neighbor, who is terrified of snakes and he then causes panic throughout the hospital after noticing Craig’s tail when becoming unconscious before the start of the surgery before Sanjay's mother successfully completes the surgery.

Why It Sucks

  1. The plot is disgusting, weird, and nonsensical. Sanjay and Craig plan a heist to sneak into the hospital just to see the world’s very first butt transplant.
    • Plus, they become butt doctors after disguising themselves.
  2. There are some moments that are kinda disturbing for a kids show. Like the guy with a huge liquid cheek.
    • Sanjay pretending to be bitten by a "radioactive snake" so that he and Craig can see the butt transplant.
  3. It was a pilot episode, which is a bad way to start a show.
  4. They do random things such as using a Defibrillator to a rubber body, riding a hospital cart, and doing a blowing balloon challenge, watching the doctor play her saxophone in the rain, catapulting an old man in the air, and even jumping out of an ambulance while holding a baby.
  5. The title card is pretty weird and misleading. Though not as disgusting as Fart Baby.
  6. Disgusting Ending: When Sanjay and Craig were excited to see the very first butt surgery, Darlene uses a driller, then a sponge-like clay mold to stick the butt together, then glue, then tape, and then 2% milk, then opening a bottle of milk, and pouring the milk onto the butt, the boys are shocked to see what Darlence is doing to the butt. And when they got home, Noodman walking down the sidewalk with his cat, Butterscotch, and has a big butt but not seen in later episodes.
  7. What exactly is "Butt Theater"? That is a stupid name for an operating theater just to see the butt transplant.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. There are some funny moments such as Craig accidentally choking on Sanjay’s father’s bowl of cereal.
  2. Sanjay’s mother is a really skilled nurse and will chase after patients when trying to escape.
  3. The title card isn't as weird as Fart Baby.


This episode received negative reviews, and has a 4.9 rating on IMDb.


Same with Laugh Quake, this episode also got 3.6 million viewers on in the United States.





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This was not a good way to start the show.

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