Brawl in the Family (The Loud House)

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Brawl in the Family (The Loud House)
If you thought all those public brawls you're seen on TV were bad, think again.
Part of Season: 2
Episode Number: 3b
Air Date: January 11, 2017
Writer: Kevin Sullivan
Director: Chris Savino
Previous episode: Baby Steps
Next episode: Suite and Sour

Not to be confused with the episode of The Simpsons and the webcomic of the same name.

"Brawl in the Family" is an episode from the second season of The Loud House.


When Lori and Leni buy identical dresses from the mall, a fight breaks out in the Loud House, and the sister fight protocol is initiated.

Why It Needs To "Butt Out"

  1. First and foremost, Lori and Leni are fighting over... buying identical dresses. They are teenage girls of two separate ages, they know way better than fighting over something small like this. This is more out of character for Leni than Lori, but they're still both out of character.
    • Lori is also a total bitch in this episode, she gets easily mad at Leni for, well... see the first point.
    • Lori and Leni fighting over identical dresses also make for a rather sexist and dated trope.
  2. The so-called "sister fight protocol" had never made ANY prior appearance. Why said protocol makes its first (And thankfully only) appearance here is beyond us. Plus, the "sister fight protocol" is very flawed from start to finish.
  3. Similar to in "No Such Luck", Lincoln is treated unfairly throughout the episode, as he is forced to eat a couch bagel, is forced to puke in a bucket, fails to help out with the fight, and is kicked out of his bedroom; not helping is that the ending makes it seem as his sisters don't care about him and only see him as a screw-up who is inferior to them and can't do anything right.
  4. Lisa giving Lincoln a couch bagel was not only nonsensical (especially since she is meant to be the smartest of her siblings), but also rather disgusting and out-of-character for her. It feels more like something Lana would do.
  5. Despite being the parents of the Loud children, Rita and Lynn Sr. are complete cowards in this episode. Lisa's chart is only her being childish despite being the smartest of the family. And for some reason, they don't even punish the girls, especially Lori and Leni, for driving Lincoln out of the house by letting the fight get way out of control.
  6. Not to mention Luna and Luan started fighting when the former gets to sleep with Lori, while Leni sleeps with Luan. They only got into the drama because Lori and Leni told them to do so. How can Luna and Luan even believe them? But it may be a possibility that one could either be lying or acting stupid.
    • And after that happens, the fight gets worse when Lynn and Lola side with Lori and Luna, while Lucy and Lana side with Leni and Luan later in the episode. And how they sided with them is never explained.
  7. Plot hole: For some reason Bobby is aware of the fight, even though he logically shouldn't know so.
    • Speaking of Bobby, he pretty much a filler character. You could replace him with a completely different character and the episode would still be the same.
  8. The other Loud kids make the fight grow even worse by trivial things, like eating pizza in the middle of work, crashing into each other, etc.
  9. Aside from Lori and Leni, the other sisters should know well that if their fighting gets way too out of control, they would need Lincoln's help anyway. Of course, it can be understandable if two people need some alone time from other people. But letting their fight get way too out of control can worsen the conflict, and go way too overboard.
  10. Unfunny jokes; Like stated before in WIS #4, Lincoln eating a couch bagel covered with lint, dog hair, and boogers is supposed to be funny when really, it's more repugnant than comedic.
  11. The plot synopsis relies on a sexist trope where females fight over the smallest of things. This can be done well if minor, but making a whole episode dedicated to it is completely offensive and distastefully sexist. This plot is an example of an episode plot that is 100% extremely bad from the start.
  12. It tries to paint Lincoln as an unlikable character for trying to break up the fight when it's pretty much clear he isn't.
  13. Ignore the rest of this, and the episode is just boring.
  14. Bad morals to entire siblings and family: So... it's okay to view other people (especially your only male sibling) as a black sheep for no real reason and make your fights with someone worse without getting punished for it? What kind of cruel, stupid moral even is that?
  15. Terrible ending: Lincoln returns home to find out that his sisters have made up only because he wasn't here to help. So basically, instead of apologizing, the sisters say that Lincoln only screws things up all the time (which is false, as he has made things better in various episodes), and thus they view him as the black sheep of the family, which is seriously cruel and messed up; not helping is that Lincoln is fine with this and accepts that he doesn't matter to his siblings. Lincoln soon makes the fight somehow start all over again right before the episode ends, causing him and his father to leave the room.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Lincoln (most of the time), and Clyde are the only likable characters in this episode.
  2. A small flashback of Lincoln and Clyde wearing the same shirt is one of the few memorable moments in the episode.
  3. As stated in WIS#2, The "sister fight protocol" does not appear in future episodes nor did it appear in prior episodes.



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