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"I'm an oyster-child with superpowers"
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 11 minutes
Country: France
United Kingdom
Release Date: June 16, 2014 - May 4, 2017
Network(s): France 3
France 4
Disney XD
Created by: Fabien Limousin
Frédéric Azémar
Emmanuelle Fleury
Distributed by: Je suis Bien Content
Starring: (English version)
Akie Kotabe
Rasmus Hardiker
Matthew Forbes
Rob Rackstraw
Jules de Jongh
Lizzie Waterworth
(French version)
Yoann Sover
Donald Reignoux
Emmanuel Garijo
Caroline Mozzone
Kelly Marot
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 52

Boyster (Molusco in French) is a French animated television series created by Fabien Limousin, Frédéric Azémar, and Emmanuelle Fleury, broadcast from June 16, 2014, on France 3 in programming block Ludo, to May 1, 2020, on Disney XD and since February 8, 2016, on France 4 in the programming block Les Minikeums. In Belgium, the series broadcast on the OUFtivi channel. Molusco is the first European cartoon to be broadcast in South Korea. The series revolves around the daily life of a boy named Molusco Likowski (voiced by Yoann Sover), who is a half-human, half-oyster child with seemingly useless powers who tries to live an ordinary life while hiding his secret. The series premiered in 2009 with a four-minute pilot episode and subsequently purchased by Disney XD and France Televisions.


Life as a little boy is not easy when you're an oyster. Half-human, half-oyster, Boyster is different. What other child can communicate with animals, make pearls by eating calcium, and has a flying and talking shell as a twin brother? His dream of living the ordinary life of an 11-year-old boy challenged by his supernatural powers, which can get him out of sticky situations or get him into a lot of trouble. Boyster is a touching comedy dealing with universal subjects such as the search for one's identity and exclusion.

Bad Qualities

After we can understand why Disney censored multiple scenes from the series (in fact, it even censored in France).
  1. The main problem with this series is that with Sidekick and ToonMarty, the series is mean to the main character and he is often unfairly tortured.
  2. Even worse to Sidekick, it suffers from unsympathetic characters;
    • Shelby is the brother of Molusco is the worst character in the series. He is selfish and crazy, and he is determined to have everything he wants, like in the episode "A Very Special Advisor" where he will make the mayor of the city a dictator, all because he has deprogrammed his favorite show.
    • Ozzy is just a generic tough guy who is very mean.
    • Teachinator (Marion Pluss); The substitute teacher is despicable with his students and is one of the worst teachers ever.
    • Rafik is the generic, silly best friend of Molusco, and he's also a "Butt-Monkey"
  3. Fake synopsis In the summary, we learn that Boyster can talk to whales, except that in no episode do we see him talking to whales.
  4. The series tends to use toilet humor.
    • For example, one of Boyster's powers is that he sweats rotten fish.
  5. Some powers are only used once, like the power that allowed him to store electricity.
  6. The animation, although decent, can be outright low-quality.
    • Some images often reused as:
      • A group of children who do not move that we can see again in unquestionable episodes.
      • An image representing a car pile-up scene in the episode Supermollusk that we see again in the episode Bust a Move.
  7. The English version (dubbed in the United Kingdom) is terrible scenes that have censored.
    • Aside from censorship, there are also disturbing and inappropriate scenes for a children's cartoon that you can see right next to it.
  8. There are a handful of bad episodes like:
    • The Necklace (the worst way to start the series)
    • Supermollusk
    • Thunderbolt
    • Shelby, the Art Lover
    • Fish Humor
    • Marble Fever
    • Video Star Vanilla
    • Three Hours of the Condor (an episode of torture towards Molusco)
    • Free Gilly (one of the worst episodes of the series)
    • Hero Thanks to Him
    • Wings of Love (Probably the worst episode of the series)
    • Girlster
    • Blackmailed!
    • Prank a Lot
    • It's Not Easy Being Clean
    • Kitchen Nightmare (Also counts as one of the worst)
    • Pearls Before Swine
    • Now You See It
    • Superstition
    • A Very Special Advisor (a terrible way to end the series)
  9. The series ends on a cliffhanger because, in the final episode, Boyster throws the CEO of the oil company who has become a worm into the ocean and sees you become a human again while saying, "I will come back." except that he has no season 2 making this series a new case of the cliffhanger.
  10. All in all, it's forgettable. It also shows how poor French animation of the 2010s is like other infamous French cartoons of the 2010s.

Good Qualities

  1. Some nice characters like Boyster or Alicia.
  2. The concept of a half-man, the half-oyster child promising, although poorly executed.
  3. There are good episodes here and there.
  4. Unlike other cartoons, Boyster's creators were not lazy; they gave every character different noses, and a lot of characters have different body shapes, head shape, and skin color.
  5. In addition, many people appreciated that Lola and Eugene Likowski, two secondary characters who are the parents of Molusco, are an interethnic married couple.


Boyster received a unfavorable reception at a 5.1/10 on IMDb and a 4/10 on Senscritique.


  • In the United States and the United Kingdom, the series suddenly stopped airing, perhaps due to lack of viewership, so the last English episodes never aired.
  • A lot of things have been censored because of Disney.