Bowser Junior Almost Goes to Sleep Forever (SuperMarioLogan)

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Bowser Junior Almost Dies
SML Movie Bowser Junior Almost Goes To Sleep Forever% 21.jpg
"The title can't be what the thumbnail says because YouTube hates me."
Series: SuperMarioLogan
Part of Season: 10
Episode Number: 28
Air Date: May 27, 2018
Previous episode: Jeffy's Energy Drink
Next episode: Jeffy's Sleepover

Bowser Junior Goes to Sleep Forever (Originally Bowser Junior Almost Dies, but changed to be appropriate) is the 28th episode of the 10th season of SML.


Chef Pee Pee saves Bowser Junior from choking on a jolly rancher, but he wants some things in return.

Why It Sucks

  1. It's a Bowser Junior torture episode.
  2. Chef Pee Pee is very unlikable in this episode, as he turns Bowser Junior into his slave after saving him, and if Bowser Junior doesn't do something he wants, he says he should've let him die.
  3. The title is very long and repetitive.
  4. Cody's gay jokes in this episode just come out as unnecessary, and serve nothing to the plot.
    • Just note that Cody is 12, and he mentions that he has sucked lots of dicks before, meaning that lots of people have committed pedophilia (and possibly adultery, for some), and Cody has committed adultery multiple times.
      • Cody even commits adultery on-screen by having sex with Bowser Junior. Note that Bowser Junior is also a minor. Also note that Cody has sex with Bowser Junior without his consent, meaning Cody is a rapist.
    • On the topic of NSFW & NSFL, Chef Pee Pee also humps a sandwich, which is very unnecessary and is just pointless gross-out humor.
  5. Despite changing the title to be family-friendly, there are multiple instances that are not family-friendly, coming off as hypocritical of Logan.
  6. While the title's events do indeed happen, the "almost goes to sleep forever" segment is fairly short and the episode is mostly about Bowser Junior being a slave.
  7. Terrible ending where the Loan Dolphin shoots Chef Pee Pee twice.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Despite the awful ending Chef Pee Pee rightfully deserves karma making the first time Chef Pee Pee being the punching bag being justified.
  2. Cody calls Chef Pee Pee out for using Bowser Junior as a slave.
  3. Cody's gay jokes can be funny for some viewers.
  4. The title was made like that because instead of using the word "die", to avoid demonitization, Logan replaced the word "die" with "almost goes to sleep forever", the family friendly version of "die".
  5. A good song was heard in the episode, see here to learn more about it.



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