Boris e Rufus

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Boris e Rufus
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Brazil's generic best buddies-type show.
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 11 minutes
Country: Brazil
Release Date: January 2, 2018 (Season 1)
January 4, 2021 (Season 2)
Network(s): Disney XD
Disney Channel (Russia)
Created by: Filipe Cargnin
Elisa Baasch
Distributed by: Belli Studio
Starring: Pierre Bittencourt
Doug Erholtz
Caio Guarnieri
Christopher Corey Smith
Cedric L. Williams
Joel Vieira
Marina Santana
Seasons: 2
Episodes: 39

Boris e Rufus (Boris and Rufus in English) is a Brazilian animated television series created by Filipe Cargnin and Elisa Baasch, produced by Belli Studio and developed with the support of BNDES (Brazil's National Bank of Economic and Social Development), via the program Procult. The show is aired on Disney XD and premiered on January 2, 2018 in Brazil.


Meet Boris, a cranky mixed-breed dog, and Rufus, an excitable ferret who believes himself a dog live together. They belong to Enzo, a teenager in love with his neighbor, Jennifer, who owns an internet-famous cat, the insufferable Leopoldo. When the owners are not around, the animals stop behaving like pets; they use electronic devices, access the "interpetnet" (the animals' web), play video games and get involved in all sorts of shenanigans. The conflicts between Boris' and Rufus' personalities, plus their encounters with fantastic beings and items, lead to great adventures that can go far beyond the "real" world.

Why It Sucks

  1. The premise of animals having a secret life when their owners aren't around is a completely forgettable and unoriginal premise that was already seen before in countless movies and shows. To give you an idea, this show is the equivalent of an attempt at making a series of The Secret Life of Pets.
    • It's worth mentioning that it is just another weak best buddies-type show in the same style of Pickle and Peanut.
  2. The writing is terrible and unoriginal to boot, overusing common clichés and tropes, similar to Ollie's Pack.
  3. Cheap and incredibly stilted animation for both current and Brazilian animation standards.
  4. Annoying voice acting that is worsened by Rufus.
  5. False advertising: The premise leads to the expectation that the duo will have surreal adventures, but viewers will be met with an underwhelming surprise when they find out that the show only incorporates generic plots that were already seen in almost any buddy cartoon.
    • For example, "Orkpet" is just the typical episode of a character turning haughty and selfish after they become famous in the media.
    • Speaking of which, the episodes "Orkpet" and "The Adorable Club" are literally the same episode, as they both derive from the same premise:
      • Boris/Rufus is interested in one of Leopoldo's activities/belongings so Leopoldo decides to introduce them into that world that has him doing said activities/permits him owning the possession, they later discover the animal (in this case, a rooster and a unicorn) behind that organization is in fact a twist-villain. It doesn't help the fact that the villain is eventually defeated by their own allies.
      • These serve as an example of how unimaginative this show can get.
  6. Clichéd characters with almost no remarkable personality traits:
    • Boris and Rufus are the typical Ren and Stimpy wannabe duo that's integrated by the coherent, grumpy and short-tempered guy and the dimwitted, optimistic, and cheerful sidekick.
    • Leopoldo is the mean, selfish and arrogant guy that always shows off his wealth. He is also an annoying character and loves triggering all the events that happen in each of the episodes just to annoy the eponymous duo.
    • Enzo is the nervous and shy boy who always loses his mind when he sees his crush and never has the spirit to talk to them like a normal person. For example, in the episode "Smile For Your Beloved" when he thought that Jennifer got mad at him for making a handsome expression, he jumped to the conclusion that she didn't love him and uploaded a song mourning said event to the internet.
    • Jennifer is the sweet and enthusiastic girl that can't supply even the least interesting or memorable lines, and her appearances in the show are only there for the sake of Enzo's character.
    • Yuko is the most badly-written character out of the main cast, instead of being useful or having memorable moments, all her screen time is reduced to showing off her lusting over Boris and bragging about her eminently distasteful crush on him. That's her entire purpose in the show!
  7. The character designs are awfully average and bland-looking, they even feel like the show's trying to replicate Gravity Falls' style. Also, the characters share little no similarities with the animals they're based on, for example, Rufus is a ferret but he looks more like a coati and even Boris doesn't resemble a dog at all. Side note, he also looks like a rip-off of Ruff Ruffman.
    • Speaking of the designs, they are unfitting for a Brazilian show as they fit more into a French or Canadian show instead.
  8. Tries way too hard to be funny, forcing poor comedy that utilizes the most generic and stale jokes at once.
  9. It attempts to be hip and cool with its audience in a grievously cringeworthy way, making failed references to pop culture and dated trends.
  10. Ridiculous and nonsensical villains like Tommy, a Tamagotchi in a robot body, and the villain in the episode "Out of Orbit" who is a cuttlefish-like alien that came to Earth only for a puzzle.
  11. Unlike certain cartoons that handle interspecies romances correctly, as they usually take place in worlds that are inhabited by diverse creatures or beings of all sorts (therefore allowing this concept), in this show the interspecies references between Boris and Yuko are off-putting, disturbing, and unpleasant, as these characters live in a realistic world that's not much different from ours.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Despite the bland designs, the background artwork is passable.
  2. Surprisingly good soundtrack and outro theme.
  3. While the animation is mediocre, it does looks appealing and decent depending on your view.
  4. Succeeds in owning occasional funny moments, proving that not all the comedy in the show is entirely bland.
  5. The show improved a little in Season 2 as it reworked the characters a bit.
  6. The Argentinian dub (mainly thanks to Pablo Gandolfo's participation) is a bit better than the original Brazilian Portuguese dub.


It didn't take long for Boris e Rufus to be rapidly forgotten due to the empty spirit put by its creators. As a result, it is nowadays one of those lost cartoons that are extremely rare to find even in the deepest corners of the internet.

Unexpectedly, it appears to be very popular in its home country to the point of getting merchandise and even stage plays.

Like almost any Brazilian animated production, the series was well received and carries a positive score of 8.6/10 on IMDb.


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