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Who wants a yeti like creature doing random things out of curiosity?
Genre: Comedy, Animation, family
Running Time: 6-7 minutes
Country: Russia
United Kingdom
United States
Release Date: November 9, 2014 - present
Network(s): Youtube and Netflix
Created by: 3d Sparrow
Starring: Roman Karev, Elena Kareva, Elena Solovieva, Artem Kretov
Seasons: 3

Booba is a Russian-British-American animated series created by 3D Sparrow. The series involves the character Booba and a bunch of characters who are involved in this series.


The world is a mystery to little Booba, but as he approaches the curiosities around him with wonder, finding adventure in his everyday surroundings.

Bad Qualities

  1. A lot of the characters are annoying and cliche. While their acts can be executed well in which funny, here it has none of the charm which makes them not interesting.
    • Booba (while likable) can be considered a Curious George knockoff as he constantly touches anything he doesn't know. Unlike Curious George, his curiosity seems to cause harm as whenever he tries to use anything, he causes chaos and destruction to places. He is also stupid as one time, he tried to save a fish by doing CPR.
    • Booba can also be seen as a bad example for young children, as he is seen eating non-edible things like money, doing dangerous acts such as touching live-wires, and using supervised items such as a firehose. the worst part is that Booba's demographic is toddlers.
    • Mr. Beaks is an annoying character that likes to torment Booba in a lot of episodes. while he still cares about him, he seems to play more tricks which causes Booba to destroy anything. one of the worst aspects of his behavior is in the episode "Noise" as he keeps making obnoxious sounds throughout the entire episode.
    • Noodle the worm is like Mr. Beaks but more unlikable as he manipulates Booba into doing a lot of harmful stuff. His taunting voice is also annoying
  2. The show appears to promote unhealthy food to its younger audience as the main character is seen eating cheese and a lot of sweets.
  3. A lot of the locations in there are dull, as there are no humans and background characters in most of the episodes. Heck, we also never get to know how they are still running even if there are no humans.
    • On the first season, they were humans as cameos and that's it.
  4. A lot of the plots are boring and bland. They mostly involve Booba doing something he doesn't know only for it to cause chaos.
  5. It is exactly not known where the characters live as they constantly shift to different locations for no reason.
  6. The show uses a lot of stock sound effects, which can get annoying for a while.
  7. As the show has a lack of characters, the show often recycles Booba into different characters, which is just lazy.
  8. While the character designs are not that bad, Booba is questionable. As he either resembles a yeti or a small goblin with white fur.
    • Speaking of Booba's design, his original design was horrifying as you can see his bare skin due to the fur not being rendered that much.
  9. The voice acting is obnoxious, with Booba and Noodle being the worst offenders.
  10. False advertising: a lot of promotional images have stated that Loola and Mr. beaks are one of the main characters. However throughout the show, most of the episodes involve around Booba only.
  11. Clickbait: in the YouTube video thumbnails, there are stock images of Pop-Its or other toys with him despite never appearing. this can be due to views as Pop-It toys have become trendy back in 2021.
  12. The show also has a lot of nonsencial scenes that just came out of nowhere.
    • In "Bathroom", Boooba accidentally turns on a vacuum cleaner and after that, it immediately cuts to him flying over the moon.
    • In "Biology cabinet", Booba uses a microscope to take a look, it reveals that they are tinier Booba-like creatures on his hand.
    • In "Watermelon" there is a random sideplot where Booba tries to get honey from a bee. This sideplot was later abandoned in this episode.
    • In "Space adventure", both Booba and a ailen stopped at a zebra crossing and randomly, the side characters (including the cavemen) are using it which is nonsensical as in the first scene, Booba was the only one to be shown going into space.
    • In "Chrismas tree", the tree in this episode immediatly gets decorated once it reaches 12:00 am. Heck, we don't see how it has already become decorated.

Good Qualities

  1. The animation is surprisingly good, even for an online animated series.
  2. Despite the locations being dull, the places they choose such as a concert or a modern house are interesting. Heck, some of the visuals are passable!
  3. Some kids might enjoy this if they wanted a slapstick cartoon.
  4. On Netflix, there is a spinoff where Booba and Loola make food. This can be seen as an improvement as Booba acts less curious and destructive than his debut.
  5. There are still likable characters such as Loola, Spikes, and even Booba (Despite being destructive).
  6. While a lot of the scenes are dangerous, they can be executed well if the characters are fun or if the story is interesting.
  7. Season 3 is a massive improvement with the following reasons:
    • The titulaur character Booba has been caring for his friends more often and he is also getting less clumsy.
    • the side characters like Loola and Spikes have been getting more screen time in a lot of episodes.
    • Mr. Beaks and Noodle become less of a jerk to Booba as they are starting to play and have fun with each other.
    • The show has introduced a time machine closet which allows Booba to go into different places. This overall makes a lot of episodes interesting and not predictable.
    • Because of the time machine, it has introduced a lot of new characters such as a cavemen, knight, and a merman as an example.
  8. Overall, for a YouTube Kids cartoon, the quality of the show is high compared to most YouTube Kids cartoons with bad animation. However, it just has flaws that drag it down.


Due to its absurdity, its wide reception isn't known that much. However on IDMB, it got 6.9 stars, and on Google, 62% of people liked this show along with a rating of 3.8 stars.


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