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Bondi Band is a Spanish-Italian flash animated series made by IAM Cartoon Projects, Exim Licensing Group, LedaFilms and Mondo TV in 2011.


In prehistoric times a pink meteor crashed on planet Earth. Thousands of years later a villain named Miss C. Lebrity (who pretends to be a kind person among the people of Vila Tornasol city) discovers a fragment of this stone and tries to reach the rest of the meteor to the center of the Earth to dominate the world. Knowing this, his rival, the star Peter Solfa summons 6 children to become a band of superheroes with powers to stop the plans of Miss C. Lebrity.

Why It Sucks

  1. The concept is very unoriginal: a group of colorful superheroes that transform through a device to defeat the villains and save the day every episode, basically the same formula used in several Japanese superhero shows and Power Rangers. Another show that this cartoon also shares ideas is Sonic Underground: a group of heroes who depend on magic instruments to fight beyond being a band that always sing at least one song per episode.
  2. Plotholes: how nobody (besides Miss C. Lebrity) in the world discovered of the existence of the pink meteor in the center of the Earth after thousands of years?
  3. There are lots of unnecessary characters which serve no purpose to the story. One example is the daughter of Miss C. Lebrity, Roxy Lebrity, who is just your typical spoiled young child.
  4. The protagonists represent the worst types of possible stereotypes (with the exception of Laila):
    1. Tony: Your typical arrogant and narcissistic leader who sings songs about how great he thinks he is.
    2. David: Crybaby who does not shut his mouth about his mother.
    3. Nina: A rip-off of Beth from Total Drama.
    4. Boris: Just a fat kid.
    5. Azim: The token black character, as well as a ghetto stereotype.
  5. Cheap and abysmal flash animation.
  6. Terrible voice acting.
  7. The plot of the episodes are repetitive.
  8. The songs sung by the characters often repeat themselves depending on the character that is focused on the episode.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Catchy theme song. Some of the songs sung by the characters also have a good rhythm. Even some viewers who hated the show liked its theme song and didn't change the channel until the song ended.
  2. Laila was an original character for the show's time, as she is one of the very few blind characters in children's television, which is a good thing.


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