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Boku no Pico

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Boku no Pico
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Before Cuties, Toddlers and Tiaras and Where the Dead Go to Die, we got this abomination.
Genre: Shotacon
Running Time: 30-38 minutes
Country: Japan
Release Date: September 7, 2006 - October 9, 2008
Created by: Natural High
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 3

Boku no Pico (ぼくのぴこ Boku no Piko, lit. My Pico) is a Japanese series of hentai shotacon anime OVAs produced by Natural High. The producer has described it as "the world's first Shotacon (young or younglike anime boys) anime".

Why It's Not Our Pico

Important note: This anime is extremely controversial, and the reasons are WINOP#1 (see below) and the fact that it's hated by so many people and even banned worldwide. Thus, no positive pointers/section will be permitted on this page. Anyone on this wiki who adds positive pointers will have their edits automatically reverted.

  1. First off, it will be in our belief that it (intentionally/unintentionally) promotes and glorifies child porn and pedophilia. And no, the information on the top at the beginning of all three episodes states that "The aarinfantasy team does not in any way support or condone illicit relations with minors, nor the distribution of child pornography. We encourage viewers to accept this animated piece purely as artistic expression." does not excuse this.
    • Not only that, this goes against Japan's hentai laws that people that participants in sex must be 18 years of age or older.
  2. The sex scenes are extremely disturbing and intensely graphic that even people with strong stomachs can't handle them.
  3. There are a lot of unrealistic/inaccurate portrayals of homosexual sex.
  4. Very unlikable characters, especially Pico himself.
    • Any person Pico meets, he does sexual activities with them and teaches it to other people. How depraved does one have to be to do this?
    • He also experiments with cross-dressing, not that he's hateful, you just might find it difficult to like him with short blond hair and green eyes. You know that your protagonist is a pervert when Glenn Quagmire from Family Guy comes off as more abstinent, as he has lines he won't cross, while Pico would probably have sex with anything that moves if he could.
  5. The three main characters know many sexual positions, even if they shouldn't at that age. Do parental internet filters not exist in this world or is anime set in 1960-the 1980s when the internet didn't exist yet?
  6. Disgusting overuse of nudity in the characters, especially from Pico himself.
  7. Nothing actually develops throughout the story, especially in terms of character development.
  8. The main opening is terrible, mainly due to the terrible singing.
  9. In the first episode, an older man, Mokkun, has sex with Pico, which is extremely brutal and disgusting.
  10. Horrendous voice acting with many of the voices sound unfitting for some characters. In fact, it's so horrendous that it makes the English dub of Mega Man X7 a masterpiece.
  11. In the second episode, Pico and Chico secretly watch Chico's sister masturbating using a banana for a dildo, which is creepy and disturbing as hell.
  12. Disgusting and uncanny animation that makes the sex scenes look more disturbing, making Crayon Shin-Chan's artstyle so much acceptable than this crap.
    • Aside from the unneeded nudity, the art style is very generic, as it's just your typical and generic 2000s anime that is stylish and bright.


This anime has been panned by a lot of people. It is not only considered to be one of the worst anime ever made, but also one of the worst animated series in general, holding a 2.2/10 on IMDB. It's considered so terrible that trolls use this anime as a trolling device saying that "this anime is good" just to get other people's reactions. It spawned several hate art and memes, where a character is shown punishing another character if they mention this anime or even say that they like it. Countless amounts of reactions videos were posted on YouTube (including from PewDiePie and Emer Prevost) and internet memes were posted just to express how disgusted those people were when watching the anime.

Also, this series cannot be found on streaming services, YouTube, other video platforms, or television. Because of this, this anime is banned worldwide and is completely forgotten about.

One of the audience reactions, Don't Watch an Anime Called Boku video also gave birth to the internet meme "YOOOOOO!", after the original comment was dubbed by an anonymous website user. It become so widespread that even Japanese Internet users had known that.


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