Bob's Bad Breath (VeggieTales in The House)

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Bob's Bad Breath (VeggieTales in The House)
Don't be fooled by the episode's title and the revoltingly disgusting title card, as our favorite and lovable anthropomorphic tomato isn't the one having bad breath as the title states. Instead his long-time parter in crime is.
Series: VeggieTales in the House
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 3a
Air Date: November 26, 2014
Writer: Ethan Nicolle
Director: Bill Breneisen
Previous episode: Bob & Larry Gettin' Angry
Next episode: Trading Places

Bob's Bad Breath is the first half of the third episode from the first season of VeggieTales in the House.


Larry's bad habits make it hard for Bob to do his new job.

Why It Would Want To Make You Dash Away From This In Disgust

  1. Misleading Title: Despite what the title says, Bob isn't the character who's been given halitosis, but instead his closest companion Larry is the one who gets it after constantly eating and drinking stuff that can give him bad breath (i.e. sardines, garlic nog, a sandwich filled with haggis topped with Limburger cheese and the other piece with lettuce and tomatoes on it, etc.)
    • Nevertheless, this was intended to represent and refer to a moral discussed later on in the episode according to the bullet point in reason #5.
  2. Larry's idiotic tendencies have sparked up in this episode as he acts indecisively careless when he changes his mind about purchasing a toothbrush and instead buying sardines and garlic nog, which results to his breath smelling horrible. It even gets worse when his poor dental hygienes constantly wake up his friend (and roomate in this series), Bob, from sleeping, resulting to his buddy to grow cranky and moody each day from not catching that much sleep.
  3. Larry's song where he expresses his love for various consumables and beverages that are most likely to give him bad breath and his decision to never brush his 'tooth' again is lame, cheesy, revolting, and gross. Because his claim to keep up with devouring all these breath-contaminating eatables and to not watch his dental hygienes would not only result to halitosis, but would also effect his teeth, as he would experience the cost of not looking after his tooth as he'll gain plaque growing around his tooth, bleedy gums, damaged crown and root canals, and would break his tooth enamel.
  4. The most infamously grotty and abhorrent scene where Larry's bad breath floats out and about all over Pa's Corner Store, driving away each and every customer from the episode as they are grossed out by Larry's horrid breath.
    • There is even a scene that came earlier before this one where Larry brushed his teeth with not a toothbrush, but with sardines of all choices!! Who's ever tried that?!
  5. Not only Bob develops a cranky attitude from being repetitively woken from his sleep by Larry's halitosis, but to add salt to the wound, this derived to Bob doing a poor job as the store greeter since he was supposed to be in a good mood, allowing him to do his job perfectly. He unintentionally greets the customers with his irritable attitude, much to everyones offense and Pa Grape's disappointment, as Pa expected Bob to have a positive attitude and advised him early in the episode to get much sleep so he won't grow cranky, though the opportunity was eventually destroyed by Larry and his rancid breath. Nice going Larry!
    • To add salt to the wound, when Pa Grape was about to resolve the bad-breath incident Larry obliviously caused, he takes out on Bob who isn't at fault for his actions. And Bob is being given a lecture of having a bad attitude (as how Pa put it, "having a bad attitude is like having bad breath", referring to how a prickly attitude can result to nobody eventually wanting to be around the latter; this explains the message the title was giving). Surely Pa caries out a good point, but Bob gets all the blame all for something that was caused by another thing.
    • Illogically, how is it possible for Larry's bad breath to spread around the place. It is possible for one to catch a whiff of another's breath (whether it is fresh or not) if the person is closer to the victim.
  6. Plot hole Although the solution to Larry's bad breath was by brushing his tooth (the opportunity he ditched earlier ergo to him not buying the toothbrush like how he planned), couldn't there have been a different solution to cleanse and freshen Larry's breath by having him take a mint or at least use mouthwash? Those things can relief bad breath from a person's mouth as everyone knows it! What a perfect embodiment of a missed opportunity.
  7. The episode is a poor clone to the SpongeBob SquarePants episode, "Something Smells", whereas it features a character getting bad breath from eating high sulfuric foods (for SpongeBob's case, a "sundae" consisting of ketchup, onions, and a dying peanut plant, and as for Larry, consuming various bad breath foods) resulting to people running away from the latter whenever he opens his mouth.
    • The difference to each episode is for this one, Larry went on a high-sulfuric food spree while SpongeBob created a gross sundae due to lacking ice cream in his freezer.
  8. The title card is extremely disgusting to look at, as it features Bob with bad breath floating out of his mouth.
    • This, along with the episode's title alone, can also serve as a result to viewers who haven't watched the episode to assume Bob is the one who got bad breath when Larry did.
  9. This is hereby the grossest episode of the Netflix reboot of VeggieTales in history.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The ending is decently perfect, as Larry agrees to finally brush his teeth and keep his breath fresh. Thereby, his bad breath has been vanquished, making it satisfyingly good for others, including Bob, to whom the latter was troubled from and resulted to his attitude.
  2. Bob, Pa Grape, and the customers at the store are the only likeable characters in the episode.
  3. As mentioned above, this episode was intended to teach a moral about being in a bad attitude.


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