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Bo Selecta

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Little Britain's evil twin.

Bo' Selecta! is a British adult sketch show written and performed by Leigh Francis that lampoons popular culture.


Bo' Selecta! was broadcast on Channel 4 and ran for three series between 2002 and 2004, spawning several spin-offs. Francis played central character Avid Merrion, a dangerously insane stalker, who is obsessed with celebrities and tracks them down. The show consists of sketches involving various celebrities, portrayed by Francis in a latex mask. The most popular sketches involve entertainers such as Elton John (an aggressive gay man who hates society), David Blaine (a street magician who uses "magic" to pick up and grope women), Kelly Osbourne (who is portrayed as extremely vulgar and hostile, Michael Jackson (a deranged mental patient), Mel B (a washed-up version, possibly lesbian member of the Spice Girls member with a Northern accent) and central character Craig David (an egotistical Yorkshire artist with a plastic falcon). 

Why It’s Selected for Bad

  1. The rubber masks are creepy as heck.
  2. Terrible celebrity impressions.
  3. Although meant to poke fun at celebrities, the humor comes out as disgusting, nonsensical and is often reliant on toilet humor and gross-out jokes.
  4. It's so aware of how bad it is that it's actually creepy.
  5. Non-stop pop-culture references.
  6. Repetitive theme song that says its title over and over again.
  7. The show has been accused of racial profiling with some of its caricatures, including Trisha Goddard (whose catchphrase was the Caribbean dish "rice and peas!"), Craig David (the celebrity lampooned the most), Michael Jackson, and other black celebrities.
  8. It was accused of ruining the career of singer Craig David.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. One of the show's Christmas singles, "Proper Crimbo", is incredibly catchy.
  2. The show is meant to poke fun at the lives of celebrities.


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