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Blue Dragon (Brazilian dub)

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One of the worst Brazilian anime dubs ever made.

Blue Dragon is a Japanese anime television series adaptation of the Blue Dragon video game series. It received a Brazilian Portuguese dub by Viz Media, made by the Miami dubbing studio, The Kitchen in the United States and aired in Brazil on SBT on Bom Dia & Cia in 2010.

Why This Dub Sucks The Blue Dragon

  1. Poor casting choices (except Zola), since mainly they don't match the characters. Notice some of the voice actors and actresses (mainly Marta Rhaulin) are well known for their work in the Brazilian dub of South Park, which is also made by The Kitchen, the same studio that made this mess of a Brazilian dub.
  2. Horrible voice acting, as if there's no emotion in the voices of the characters and the actors were reading a text-to-speech instead.
  3. Several translation errors, with the worst of them being: Acalma-se (which translates to Calm down).
  4. The theme song and the end credits theme were not dubbed.
  5. SBT didn't care how the dub was very terrible and they didn't see any problem with the dub, despite negative criticism from the viewers, showing a lot of sloppiness from SBT here.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. The only good things about this Brazilian dub of the anime was Zola, who was perfectly voiced by Carla Cardoso (who replaced Marta Rhaulin as Eric Cartman in the Brazilian dub of South Park since 2014) and the narration made by Luciano Cavalcanti.


The Brazilian dub was heavily criticized by viewers, who asked for a redub for the anime in Brazil. The dub also caused low ratings to Bom Dia & Cia and because of the negative reception, only the first season was dubbed.



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