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What do i think about the main page redesign(btw that's my opinion mixed with angry rant in a blender)

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bisexual and cupioromantic i have autism

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Sup guys! EuphoricCherub666(ClawdeenWolfVore for those who don't recognize me) here on Miraheze! this blog is pretty off topic but yeah. When somebody asks me what do i think about the new design of the main page, i'd descrbe it with two words: ATROCIOUS and UNNECESSARY. Atrocious because the main page is now just TEXT and unnecessary because the previous main page design was so perfect that it didn't need a redesign and i don't think that there was a reason for redesigning it, and why on earth they removed The Banner of Shame(Table of Shows/Movies/Games Featured on the Main Page of the Reception Wikis)!? it could've been better if they sticked to the previous design or made "Show The Banner Of Shame" so you can see The Banner Of Shame after you click it. One of the mods called miraheze users a bunch of whiny ungrateful brats because we don't like the new main page design which literally adds insult to the injury. If they sticked to the previous design, it would be better and mods wouldn't call us whiny ungrateful brats! btw for me Raidarr's "reasons" for the redesign didn't sound like reasons. 'end of the opinion and angry rant mixed in a blender cuz i hate my life'

note from EuphoricCherub666: i'm autistic, which is why i wrote the blog like that

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