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Blog:Space Morons (The Crazy-Ass Group Show) (Fake Episode of Fake Show Collab)

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Space Morons
This episode needs to be a destroyed space project!
Series: The Crazy-Ass Group Show: The Series, Television Presentation
Part of Season: 9

Space Morons is an episode of the ninth season of The Crazy-Ass Group Show: The Series, Television Presentation.


Randy and Alastor decide to go to space after getting harassed by Baby Shark, Wrath, Soul, and Maka. Meanwhile, Mr. Peabody, Sherman and Roger go on a road trip while Marvin the Martian, Marinette, D.W, Arthur and Grand Moff Tarkin go to an art museum

Why It Shouldn't Prepare for Space

  1. This episode is nothing but an Alastor and Randy Marsh torture episode.
  2. Executive Meddling: In June 2022, the production materials and script of the original version along with the British English dub was leaked online as according to the production materials and script, the episode was originally going to be planned as a 2 part special and will actually going to take place of space instead of Miami and the plot is about a space battle between Tarkin and Marvin the Martian. Marvin the Martian was supposed to be the main antagonist originally 1 Hour and 10 minutes will be the finale of season 8 but was turned into a episode due to the crew running out of ideas.
  3. Baby Shark, Wrath, Soul, and Maka are at their very worst here, worse than in the other episodes they are in. In this episode, Baby Shark tries to cancel the event of Randy and Alastor going to Mars. Additionally, Soul and Baby Shark hijacks the broadcast by saying a bunch of Islamophobic slurs and Soul and Maka even go as far into stalking them.
  4. The two subplots of the Mr. Peabody, Sherman and Roger going to a trip and Marvin the Martian, Marinette, D.W, Arthur and Grand Moff Tarkin going to an art museum are boring, although they do have a few funny moments.
  5. There are some pointless and stupid filler scenes, these include:
    • Harry Potter watching Breaking Bad on Netflix, and then watching that same episode he watched on Netflix on a VHS player.
    • Anakin asking Padme to go play Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga on the PS4.
    • Patchy the Pirate eating at KFC.
    • Mario and Luigi attending a boxing match.
    • Big Bird insulting Snuffy because he ate his bananas.
    • Alya smoking at the Airport.
    • Otis the Cow dancing to Daisy Bell.
    • Carl Wheezer watching The Price Is Right.
    • Ren & Stimpy drinking Slurpee.
    • Amy Sorel queefing at a bunch of kids in Tesco and getting arrested.
    • Lilith Aensland committing arson.
    • Wario and Waluigi fishing.
    • Ness being forced to wear a diaper.
  6. This episode contains multiple plot holes, such as:
    • Nobody seems to care that broadcast of Randy and Alastor's rocket launch got hijacked.
    • Baby Shark managed to get in the radio station, even though the sign says that kids weren't allowed in there. Worse, the guard didn't even see him.
    • Adrien shouldn't have made an art statue with feathers since he's allergic to them.
  7. The infamous scene where Maka and Wrath hijacks the plane while Soul and Baby Shark hijack the broadcast by saying a bunch of Islamophobic slurs, as mentioned earlier.
  8. The "WORSE THAN DARTH VADER" is just a rip off of the scene from the Family Guy Season 7 episode, "Not All Dogs Go to Heaven".
  9. Bad Moral: Harassing and stalking people, as well as hijacking important events for no reason is okay.
  10. Overuse of Product Placement such as: KFC, Tesco, 7 Eleven, Netflix, Sony, PlayStation 4, Cheetos, Marshall, Xiaomi, Blackberry Totinos, Coca-Cola, Walmart, Disney, The Price is Right, and more.


Redeeming Qualities

  1. Randy Marsh and Alastor are likable, despite their flanderizations.
    • Odo, Claire Emmett, Cube, Chabwick, Karlie Dell, Kristie Inglethorpe, Olivia Birchenough, Chevre, Prince Poo, Jo Tarr, Genji Leni Loud and Sniper (TF2) are also likable.
    • Marinette and D.W are more tolerable here than usual.
  2. There are some funny and entertaining moments like C-3PO saying "They're making pumpkin pie at the radio station!", and Gintoki Sakata of Gintama making a cameo appearance in order to make fun of the show.
  3. Funny lines such as:
    • "This building's a living barbie." (Sniper)
    • "Why do rocket ships look like missiles?" (Leni Loud)
    • "This artwork is fire!" (Marvin the Martian)
  4. Good ending: After the police arrive, Soul and Baby Shark immediately get arrested. and Randy and Alastors broadcast was brought up again and Maka and Wrath's plans are also derailed though Maka and Wrath got away from it



  • The episode was banned in all Muslim-majority countries due to the scene where Soul and Baby Shark hijack the broadcast by saying a bunch of Islamophobic slurs.
    • In fact, at one point, the governments of Indonesia and India (both countries have the highest population of Muslims among others, by the way) wanted to sue the show's creators because of this scene!
    • At one point the episode got aired in those countries mentioned above but was immediately pulled of the air 15 minutes in the episode
    • Speaking of the scene, Laura Bailey (Maka Albarn's voice actress) recalled witnessing Casey Mongillo (who is Wrath's second voice actor) and Micah Solusod (Soul Evans' voice actor) collapse in shock from seeing it.
  • It was originally going to be named "The Crazy Ass Special: Quantum Space Attack" but due to Executive Meddling it was changed to Space Morons instead.
  • Some of the elements from this episode are reused from the season 4 episode "Con Con Con Vention!".
  • The scene where Marvin the Martian looks at the painting and says This artwork is fire! became an internet meme.
  • This marks Marinette and D.W's final appearances on the show to date.
  • The title is different in certain regions.
    • Randy, Alastor, Baby Shark, Wrath, Soul, and Maka
      • 兰迪,阿拉斯托,小鯊魚,憤怒,靈魂同馬卡 (Cantonese)
      • Randy, Alastor, Kleine Hai, Zorn, Soul, und Maka (German)
      • ランディ、アラスター、ベビーシャーク、ラース、ソウルとマカ (Japanese)
    • Randy and Alastor in: "Space Adventure"
      • Randy et Alastor dans: "Aventure Spatiale" (European and Canadian French)
      • Randy és Alastor a "Űrkaland" című Filmben (Hungarian)
    • Space!
      • מֶרחָב! (Hebrew)
      • Спаце! (Serbian)
    • Randy, Alastor și Viața pe Marte (Romanian) / Randy, Alastor and Life on Mars
    • Space Idiots
      • 太空白痴 (Chinese / Taiwanese Chinese)
      • Rom-Idioter (Norwegian)
      • Idiotas del Espacio (Latin American Spanish)
      • Rymdidioter (Swedish)
  • There is a rumored original ending where Wrath and Maka crash the plane into the art museum and kills 44 people, but it never made into the final cut due to being too graphic and too depressing and due to the fact that Arthur's death is similar to the Twilight Zone accident. However, whether the scene was actually made or not has yet to be confirmed.


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