Season 8, Episode 12 of South Park (my review)

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Ok. So, since 10 days ago I watched an episode of Season 8 and called "Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset". I notice that some fans may find it good or bad (or modern terms "mixed" or "average"). To myself, I think I know why some fans of South Park may find it weird, due to the disgusting and annoying humor from Paris Hilton, Wendy's friends being mean to her in this episode, and the Butter's thing, while some my not. So here's my review.

My score rating: 6.5/10

Bad Qualities I think

  1. The Paris Hilton design is very creepy, and kinda disturbing.
  2. Mean-spiritedness towards Stan's girlfriend Wendy, when the girls exclude her from entering Bebe's party.
  3. The entire girls and teenagers (except for the adults) can be unlikeable mostly by Red, Bebe, Annie, and etc.
  4. The sub-plot where Linda and Stephen decided to sell their son (Butters) to Paris Hilton.
  5. Tons (or few) of gross-out scenes in this episode, like the puking from Paris Hilton when she leaves and goes onto the limo.
  6. Disturbing Ending: When Paris Hilton ends up inside Mr. Slave's butt, she tries to find a way out with a Frog King for assistance.

Good Qualities about it

  1. The characters Wendy and Butters are the only likeable characters.
  2. In my opinion, the Cartman telling the girls "fxxk you, (name)" was entertaining.
  3. At least the girls apologize to Wendy.
  4. The song of Stupid Spoiled Whxxx Video Playset is kinda catchy.
  5. At least is not as bad as Cuties.

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