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Blog:Rock 'n Roll McDonalds Mall Adventure! (The Crazy-Ass Group Show) (Fake Episode of Fake Show Collab)

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Rock 'n Roll McDonalds Mall Adventure!
This episode ain't an adventure, but it is torture for Eunwol/Shade, Evan, and Banana!
Series: The Crazy-Ass Group Show:The Series, Television Presentation
Part of Season: 11

Rock 'n Roll McDonalds Mall Adventure! is an episode of the eleventh season of The Crazy-Ass Group Show: The Series, Television Presentation.


Feeling bored of their duties, the Heroes of Maple decided to drive to McDonalds for some lunch. Meanwhile, the Vibrants go shopping at a local mall.

Why It's Not a Rock 'n Roll nor an Adventure

  1. Extremely generic and bland concept. It's just two groups of characters going to McDonalds and the local mall respectively.
  2. Semi-misleading title: No rock 'n roll music is involved, nor it is an adventure.
  3. Overuse of product placement, such as McDonalds, Hot Topic, Dillard's, Sega, Nintendo, Gamestop, Nexon, Roblox, Hyundai, Steam, Tumblr, Twitter, XBOX, Microsoft, Playstation, and Sony.
  4. There is a pointless celebrity reference to Far East Movement.
  5. Just like any other episode of The Crazy-Ass Group Show, most of the characters are extremely unlikeable, with the Maple Heroes and the Vibrants harassing Evan, Eunwol/Shade, and Banana respectively. Overall, this entire episode can come off as a torture episode for Evan, Eunwol/Shade, and Banana.
    • The worst offenders are Mercedes, Phantom, Luminous, Cardinal, and Violastro.
    • Just as usual, Mercedes is extremely bossy and forced Evan and Eunwol/Shade to carry the food to the car.
    • Phantom became a spoiled rich kid stereotype, but it's cranked up to eleven here!
    • Luminous is still a sociopathic and apathetic bigot who jeers at Eunwol/Shade's burdens.
    • Cardinal became belligerent, violent, and abusive towards the other Vibrants.
    • However, they all pale in comparison to Violastro, who is at his worst. He became more destructive, petty, sex-crazed, and obnoxious. It's gotten to the point where he made the decision to destroy the mall with his magic for no reason other than his own entertainment.
  6. There are WAY TOO MANY mean-spirited, nonsensical, and pointless moments, and we mean WAY TOO MANY to list. Here are a few infamous examples:
    • Mercedes using her royal status to get things her way.
    • Aran screaming at the employees because it was taking long for them to cook her food.
    • Phantom loudly bragging about being rich and pulling pranks on innocent bystanders just for his own amusement.
    • Luminous calling the customers offensive slurs and saying horrific jokes.
  7. There are two infamous scenes in this episode:
      • Evan becomes overwhelmed to the point where he mentally breaks down in the entire McDonalds due to all the chaos going on around him.
      • In the subplot, Cardinal becomes extremely drunk and high to the point where he stood on top of the GameStop counter just to dance and sing loudly to Far East Movement's Like a G6.
  8. Even though the subplot of the mall has slightly more worldbuilding, it's still flawed and serves as a series of glorified advertisements for the aforementioned products.
  9. Speaking of the subplot with the Vibrants, it's still as mean-spirited as the main plot. However, it's more bizarre and outlandish. Some infamous moments include:
    • The aforementioned GameStop scene
    • Azura whining about how she missed the 2000s, as well as becoming a scenecore stereotype and saying "NYA RAWR!" a lot, which can get extremely old very quick.
    • Pistachio complaining about her hair and makeup. Despite this, she is one of the more tolerable characters in the episode.
    • The shouting match between Pistachio and Cardinal because the former was critical of Cardinal's behavior.
    • Violastro going to Hot Topic just to rap about his evil plans, shortly before destroying the mall.
      • Speaking of Violastro, he raps to It's Party Time from the infamous movie Titanic: The Legend Goes On during his destruction.
  10. Most of the characters get away scot-free with their actions.
  11. There are some filler scenes, such as:
    • Randy Marsh and Alastor hiding in a sewer while giving out balloons.
  12. Numerous plot holes:
    • Why would the Maple Heroes order that much fast food; do they not know it's extremely unhealthy?
    • Why didn't they just take the drive-thru?
    • Why weren't the characters punished for their crimes?
    • How has no one ever called the authorities? Speaking of the authorities, are there even any authority figures?
    • How did the Maple Heroes lose to Violastro when they have fought and successfully defeated more powerful foes in the original MapleStory, such as Commander Damien and the Black Mage? This can also count as a poor grasp of the source material.
  13. Rancid morals: According to this episode, it's apparently okay to discriminate and harass minimum-wage workers, disturb the peace, over-eat fast food, and destroy property.
  14. Horrible Ending: Once Violastro got away, the characters (except Pistachio) wrongfully punish and blame Evan, Eunwol/Shade, and Banana.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Evan, Eunwol/Shade, Banana, and Pistachio are the most tolerable characters.
    • In Evan, Eunwol/Shade, and Banana's cases, they can all be seen as sympathetic.
    • Pistachio is also shown to be caring for Banana, hence why she did not punish him. She also shows her concerns towards the rest of the Vibrants. She even called out Cardinal on his belligerence, which is nothing short of awesome!
    • Hatsune Miku, Odo, Claire Emmett, Cube, Chabwick, Karlie Dell, Kristie Inglethorpe, Rouon Aro, Chevre, Vesta, Genji, Sukashine Ariku, Baion Urushi, Doodle, Chocola, Jo Tarr, Tsugumine Cello, Sniper (TF2), Anna Knight, Olivia Birchenough, Spy (TF2), Ellie Thorsby, Holly Willoughby, Waon Ikuto, Vanilla, Yuzuki Shimori, Jade West, Morrigan Aensland, Jasmine (Miracle Tunes), Shirane Kan, Kogane Oyupo, Akagami Hiiro, Boyfriend (FNF), and Arujine Sarasa are also likable.
    • This episode introduces Shyna Nera Shyna, Marina Liteyears, the Tankmen (Captain and Steve), Rayman, Darky Ryu, Saki Asumi, Yotsuba Shizuki, Seira Kureha, Kokomi Sakurai, Kia Atkins, Goose (Animal Crossing) and Becca Holden, who are all likable.
    • Even Azura, despite being unlikable and annoying in this episode, is not destructive compared to Cardinal.
  2. The famous action scene with the characters teaming up to defeat Violastro. The entire scene pays homage to action-oriented anime such as Dragon Ball, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, and Panty and Stocking.
    • It's one of the many memorable moments in The Crazy-Ass Group Show thanks to its great animation, which was produced by Studio Trigger of all people!
    • It also helps that all of the characters briefly retain their previous likeable personalities.
  3. Evan, Eunwol/Shade, and Banana all share a good chemistry. The scenes with them venting their situations and comforting each other are wholesome.
  4. The scene where Violastro encounters Chocola (as a cashier at Hot Topic) is kind of funny, mainly due to the latter's response to Violastro's gloating. ("Sir, this is a Hot Topic.")
  5. Surprisingly, this is one of the few Season 11 episodes where Randy Marsh and Alastor are given less screen-time, but this time in order shift more focus onto the Vibrants and the Maple Heroes.



  • The episode's title underwent many name changes in some countries.
    • "It's a Mad, Mad Mall"
      • "It's a Mad, Mad Mall" (British English)
      • "Is Meall Buile, Buile" (Irish)
    • お前が死んでいるまで買い物をしてください!(Japanese) / "Shop 'Til You Drop Dead!"
    • "Minimum-Wage Madcaps"
      • "最低工資的瘋子" (Cantonese)
      • "Madcaps de Salário Mínimo" (European Portuguese)
      • "Locos de Salarios Mínimos" (European Spanish)
    • "Midsummer Mall Adventure!"
      • "한여름 쇼핑몰 어드벤처!" (Korean)
      • "Приключение в Cередине Лета!" (Russian)
    • "Plaza Carnage"
      • "廣場大屠殺" (Taiwanese Chinese)
      • "Carnage de la Place" (Canadian French)
      • "Carnicería de la Plaza" (Latin American Spanish)
  • For unknown reasons, the episode is banned in Belarus, the Middle East, Cyprus, and Singapore.
    • It is also heavily censored in South Korea.
  • There are many cameos that hint the possibility of several upcoming characters appearing. However, they all have yet to make their full debuts in the future.
    • The Resistance (MapleStory), Rin and Len Kagamine, White Bomber (Bomberman), Taizo Hori, GUMI, Sayaka Miki, Kyouko Sakura, Iroha Tamaki, Tsuruno Yui, Yachiyo Nanami, and Girlfriend (FNF) debut as McDonalds customers.
    • Some of the patrons shopping at GameStop include Captain and Steve (Tankmen), Venti, ENA and Moony, Pico, Darnell, Nene, Shovel Knight, the Castle Crashers, Firecracker Cookie, Birthday Cake Cookie, and Kasane Teto.
    • In the Hot Topic scene, characters like Ruby Gloom, Emily the Strange, Eckhart (MapleStory), Shyna Nera Shyna, Marina Liteyears, Rayman, Shiver, Frye, and Big Man (Splatoon 3) all appear as spectators.
  • Eunwol/Shade's name is different in a few countries. Only Japan and South Korea kept his 'Eunwol' name (隠月, 은월); he is still called 'Shade' in the international airings.
  • The episode's main title is based on Wesley Willis's song Rock N Roll McDonalds. However, it may be a portmanteau of the aforementioned song and Rock 'N' Roll Adventures, a game developed by the infamous and now-defunct Data Design Interactive.
  • When Luminous questioned Eunwol/Shade's presence, it's a reference to some MapleStory-related memes that make fun of Eunwol/Shade's state of non-existence. It's based on a canon event in the game's lore, in which Eunwol/Shade sacrificed himself in exchange to become forgotten.[1]






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