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Blog:Make It Stop! (The Crazy-Ass Group Show) (Fake Episode of Fake Show Collab)

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Make It Stop!
Series: The Crazy-Ass Group Show: The Series, Television Presentation
Part of Season: 3

Make It Stop! is an episode of the third season of The Crazy-Ass Group Show: The Series, Television Presentation.


The characters realized that they watched a cringe compilation of a Koreaboo, then they realize that K-Pop must be stopped.

Why It Sucks

  1. To start off the list, this episode tells viewers that if you like K-Pop, than you are an idiot, and if you hate Kpop, you can get millions of dollars, which sounds rather far-fetched.
  2. This episode mostly portrays K-Pop fans as Koreaboos obsessed with Korean culture, And K-Pop, when not all of them act like that.
  3. There are some plot holes:
    • Somehow, Motu gets millions of Dollars just for hating Twice and liking Little Big. That is so unrealistic.
    • There is a Brazilian stereotype that works at the store that serves generally pointless tips. One of them is "Kick Lisa from Blackpink to the moon by just by saying "agario" twice".
    • Black Mamba P1 somehow coming back to life after getting killed by Baby Bonnie Hood for no explained reason.
    • Anais Watterson is mostly profane in this episode, even though she is only 4 Years old. This might be understandable as Pokey Minch and Captain Falcon are the ones abusing her, but still, she is way too young to use profanity.
  4. The characters are mostly unlikable in this episode with Alisa Bosconovitch, Maddie, GH-Man, and Felicia being the worst offenders.
    • Speaking of Alisa, she is now a dead disrepecter, as she says that Sulli deserved to die. Which is disrespecting the dead.
    • Felicia’s Olivia Rodrigo and The Pussycat Dolls obsession has literally gone too far, that she even worshipped those artists like it was some type of religion, and she has a massive hatred on BLACKPINK for no reason at all. At one point, she even threatened to kill Jennie!
  5. This episode tries to make Nicole Watterson and Paula look like villains, just because they are K-pop stans, (they are fans of Dreamcatcher and Aespa respectively), but they fail.
    • Speaking of Nicole and Paula, they are more unlikable than Alisa, Maddie, GH-Man, and Felicia. In one point, they both tried to cosplay as two of the members of K/DA in their "Pop/Stars" outfits (Nicole dresses up as Ahri, while Paula dresses up as Evelynn), as a so-called "lesson", But they fail.
  6. Some scenes are put in the episode just for the sake of filler, such as Ness and Lucas singing "SexyBack".
  7. Patrick Star is WAY too stupid to even live, as he actually tries to kick Lisa from BLACKPINK to the moon by saying "agario" twice. We'll let this line from Fang explain everything: "Y'all are fucking stupid. Why am I even in this so-called group anyways?"


Redeeming Qualities

  1. Despite still being unlikable, at least Nicole and Paula informs us that not all K-Pop fans are Koreaboos.



  • The title of the episode is a parody (and probably an insult) of the short-lived Nickcom Make It Pop.