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Blog:Jax & Zakir "Adult Party Cartoon" (Fake Webtoon)

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Jax & Zakir "Adult Party Cartoon"
Genre: Adult animation
Black comedy
Toilet humor
Running Time: 20-39 Minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: June 10 – July 17, 2006; July 20, 2009
Network(s): Newgrounds (2006)
Albino Blacksheep (2006)
Created by: Rodney Graham
Distributed by: Whippy Toons
Starring: Rodney Graham
Edward Bosco
Ervin Graham
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 8

Jax & Zakir "Adult Party Cartoon" is an independent American adult flash-animated web series created by Rodney Graham and produced in 2009 by Whippy Toons. It aired on Newgrounds and Albino Blacksheep in the summer of 2006. The series is a spin-off of the critically acclaimed Jax & Zakir Show.

The series had eight episodes, only four of which aired on its network. The last three were later released on Youtube and DVD on July 18, 2009. The show also lasted only two months in 2006 before being canceled due to negative reception.

Why It Sucks

  1. An adult version of a kids' show is definitely not a great idea, which was why it upset and angered so many fans of the original show.
  2. The humor is nothing more than absurd shock value and constant gross-out humor that is far too violent, cruel, vulgar, offensive, disturbing, and disgusting even for its intended adult audience. In terms of the gross-out humor, it's used continuously to almost no end and it never gets a break. What's worse is that, even for adult animation standards, this show relies more on gratuitous over the top violence instead of slapstick, which is something that the original Jax & Zakir didn't even have in the first place.
  3. Like Popee the Performer, the Larry Doyle era of Looney Tunes, the fourth season onwards of The Loud House, the sixth to eighth seasons of SpongeBob SquarePants, the final two seasons of Ed, Edd n Eddy, the Gene Deitch era of Tom and Jerry and Ren & Stimpy "Adult Party Cartoon", it relies way too much on gratuitous over-the-top violence instead of slapstick, but it's cranked up to 11 here to the point that it makes even the most graphically violent of adult animation like Mr. Pickles, modern Family Guy and Happy Tree Friends seem nonviolent in comparison.
  4. The show's logic makes absolute zero sense, even for Jax & Zakir standards. For example;
    • The entirety of the episode Zakir's Pregnant, which is about Zakir, a male cat, literally getting pregnant with a poop baby and even gender-swaps himself from male to female because of it.
    • In Jax Seeks Help, Jax somewhat screeches like a cat while killing Mr. Horse, even though he's a dog.
  5. Misleading title and false advertising: The word "party" in the title makes no sense as there is no indication that this show is made for adult parties and you could very well see it at any time. In the series' title card, you see a martini glass, a box of cigarettes and a sentient condom and you will think they are characters from the series, but they are nowhere to be seen. Most likely the reason they are on the title card is to show that this is an adult cartoon, but then there are no martini and condom scenes in any of the episodes.
  6. Awful and unfunny episode ideas, patched up with ignorant jokes in some of them.
  7. Lots of scenes are drawn out and go on for way too long to the point that they often come off as nothing more than unneeded filler in general.
  8. Disturbing and cruel moments in the show, such as killing/abusing animals, suicide, torment, sexual harassment, bestiality, etc.
  9. In the original show, Jax beats up Zakir when Zakir did something stupid because, for one thing, it's hilarious, and it never went over the top or overly mean-spirited and harsh, but in the reboot, he beats up Zakir and torments him for no reason.
  10. The animation, while smooth and of very high quality, can get really ugly and disturbing with all the washed-out and hideous colors with some very horrifying imagery to go with. And has some animation errors here and there.
  11. Adult Party Cartoon, despite being created by the same guy who created the original, mostly feels like a completely different show (minus with Jax and Zakir), and feels like a complete parody of its original concept and former self. The concept of Jax & Zakir, in general, is that Jax & Zakir have been a parody of the Golden Age of American Animation from 1928-1969. That concept is what made Jax & Zakir also work. Here with APC, it's completely different given by the fact (again) that this reboot makes Jax & Zakir a grotesque parody of its former self, as well as its original concept.
    • For this reason above, despite Rodney Graham returning to work on this show for the first time since the original Jax & Zakir's first two seasons, it flopped miserably and ended up canceling the series very quickly.
  12. In some episodes, the actors would improvise their lines outside of lip-sync (in the tradition of the Fleischer Popeye shorts), which can look off-putting for fans of the original series.
  13. There is a MASSIVE over-usage of stock sound effects (particularly from Hanna-Barbera) which are even often used at inappropriate times, unlike the original show. They sound really weird too.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. At least the original series creator, Rodney Graham, was involved, despite this show being different from the original series as mentioned above.
  2. The voice acting was decent despite how bad the show was. Edward Bosco's performance as Zakir was good (when he's not crying, at least) and sounded pretty close to his old voice actor, Shayne Morris. Rodney Graham reprises his role as Jax and still does a good job (depending on your view).
  3. the animation is still very detailed and fluid like in the original.
  4. The theme song from the original series is still catchy and makes a comeback.

Cancelled Episodes



Jax & Zakir "Adult Party Cartoon" was universally panned by both critics, audiences and longtime Jax and Zakir fans. It currently sits at 3.4/10 on IMDb. scored an 1.50 / 5.00 on Newgrounds. According to Wikipedia, Jax & Zakir "Adult Party Cartoon" has been listed as one of the worst TV shows of all-time. Shayne Morris (Zakir's voice actor) rejected the series, calling it the worst thing that he has ever seen. Jax Seeks Help is heavy despised by the majority of the fans of the original series.


  • The show was so bad that Shayne Morris, Zakir's original voice actor (as well as Jax's actor for some of Seasons 2 and Seasons 3-5), refused to work on the show saying that it would ruin his career and he called it one of the worst things that he's ever seen.


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