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Blog:HBO Max is ruined

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Earlier this month, you may have heard about some HBO Max original films being removed from the service as well as some films like Batgirl being canned despite their near completion. Now their removing a bunch of TV shows, some of which will have no legal means of watching when they’re removed. David Zaslav is probably one of the worst CEOs out there and has ruined what started out as a fantastic streaming service. He’s clearly anti-artist. Considering how this is causing Warner Bros. Discovery’s sticks to drop and there’s also a lot of people in the industry speaking out against this meddling, I have hope that Zaslav will be fired as CEO and that the plans to merge HBO Max with Discovery+ will be canceled.

Honestly, the Disney Fox deal seems to have marked the start of the issue that is business consolidation in the film and TV industry. I’ve already got a bad feeling about Amazon owning MGM.

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