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We need to stop adding "(No Pun Intended)" onto the custom headers. What do I mean? Well, on Miraheze Wikis, weather it's the movie wikis, TV show wikis, video game wikis, book wikis, character wikis, website wikis, or song wikis, people like to add custom headers to give variety to the pages. But some people add the phrase "no pun intended" in parentheses right next to the header. The phrase "no pun intended" is used when somebody unintentionally makes a pun related to a topic they're discussing. But the whole point of custom headers is to make intentional puns & references to the topic of the page. When people add "no pun intended" right next to the header which obviously has an intended pun, it just makes the page look unprofessional. Besides, it's completely unnecessarily. Seriously, what's the point of adding this crap to pages? So guys, stop adding this phrase to the headers, because it just doesn't need to be added!