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Blog:Girl's Night Out (Fake Spinoff of Fake Show Collab)

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Girl's Night Out
It's one of their best attempts at making a spin-off series, but that's not to say it was a great attempt either…
Genre: Comedy
Slice of Life
Running Time: 22-24 minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: July 23, 2022 - present
Network(s): HBO Max (US broadcast)
Comedy Central (US syndication)
FOX (US, Latin America, Japan)
Disney+ (upcoming)
Fox Showcase (Australia)
Sky Comedy (UK broadcast)
E4 Extra (UK syndication)
Netflix (International)
HBO & Télétoon (Canada)
TTV (Taiwan)
Created by: Ryan Corbeil
Casey Alexander
Distributed by: Warner Bros. Television Distribution
Starring: Jennifer Hale
Mandy Moore
Kelly Macdonald
Auli'i Cravalho
Jodi Benson
Linda Larkin
Ming-Na Wen
Paige O'Hara
Irene Bedard
Katherine Von Till
Anika Noni Rose
Kate Higgins
Idina Menzel
Kristen Bell
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 13 (confirmed)
Previous show: The Crazy-Ass Group Show: The Series, Television Presentation (main)
Isabela's Wack Show (spinoffs)

Girl's Night Out is an French-Canadian-American animated musical sitcom that serves as the sixth spin-off of The Crazy-Ass Group Show: The Series, Television Presentation. Unlike its predecessors, it is confirmed to be 13-episode mini-series that will air on episode every Saturday. It premiered on July 23, 2022.


In the present day, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Merida and Moana get pulled into disastrous misadventures during their Night Out in urban San Los Angelantonioyorkytro, Oregon each episode.

Bad Qualities

  1. Like the main show and its other spinoffs, the episode ideas are either random, convoluted, or/and lack any originality whatsoever, with "Multi-Bow" and "Super-Moana!" being the biggest examples.
  2. The concept of all the Disney Princesses having one TV show all to themselves wasn't executed that well, despite being an actually interesting idea on paper.
  3. Some characters either got flanderized in this show, or retain their flanderizations from the main show.
    • Snow White is now a boring dingus with no personality and also the show's main target for sugar rush jokes. She is also crazy obsessed with East German army and German socialist music and often begs for her friends to purchase songs from both categories (specifically from deceased singer Ernst Busch). Her only gag is that she would eat any apple that she sees, which is gets annoying really quickly.
    • Aurora became a stereotypical complete know-it-all Mary Sue who thinks she better than anyone, and would often complain about anything that didn't meet her high standards, as well as having an obsession with getting manicures and the color pink. She's often considered to be an unlikable and jealous jerk who's jokes mostly consist of overdone and dated Instagram humor.
    • Ariel is became an example of toxic-positivity, a stereotypical bossy teenage girl who groans every time she is told to do something that she doesn't like, a terrible best friend to Jasmine, and for some reason treats Denmark as some kind of religion despite being a native Greek speaker, which is really strange and out-of-character of her.
    • Belle retains her flanderization from her third film, where she is an extremely insecure and over-sensitive crybaby who blames herself for everything that happens in front of her. She also became another bipolar stereotype who is either too happy or a crybaby, as well as a clumsy idiot who doesn't think twice before doing something.
    • Jasmine became a self-absorbed, pretentious, egotistical, and an overbearing ultra-feminist SJW who tells lies to get male members of the group to either simp for her, have sex with her, or in rare cases, getting raped by her, and would also bash on anyone who is not from Iraq, with the lattermost essentially making her a political soapbox for Arab nationalism. She is also shown to be a toxic supporter for incumbent Syrian president, Bashar Al-Assad, and would fight with anyone who criticizes him in the slightest, proving even more that she is a political soapbox.
    • Pocahontas suffered the worst flanderization out of all the Disney Princesses, where she became a really arrogant, incredibly selfish, very manipulative, and an extremely argumentative jerk who doesn't care about anyone but herself, she also causes misery to many of the people around her and rarely feels caring towards her friends, especially Snow White, who she has shown a great deal of disrespect towards her and even "pranks" her via attempted poisoning on several occasions.
    • Tiana is now a stereotype to hip and combative African American women. She also became a moronic comic-relief who is obsessed with "being the goat" and "being a material gworl", meaning she is just there for not only for the sake of comedy, but also for cheap laughs and to appeal to the latest generation of internet memes.
    • Elsa became a pervert who encourages people to make porn out of her and have sex with multiple people. Not only that, but she will teach about sex to people, even children.
    • Anna became a perverted sister who likes to make Porn videos out of Elsa and upload them to some porn hosting site.
    • Mickey Mouse is shown to be an annoying rich-man stereotype who is crazy obsessed money and is now an unlikable slob. Basically, he is now a stereotype of upper-class people in the UK.
    • Mr. Kat is now just a generic troublemaker who is completely one-dimensional as he never learns from his mistakes.
      • Same goes with Nicole Watterson.
  4. Some episodes have a few of errors (i.e: In the premiere, Merida randomly disappears out of frame when walking away the first time).
  5. The background and settings lack variety, due to the fact that almost every episode (according to promotional art) takes place entirely at night.
  6. Some episode have misguided morals, such as "Attack of the Welsh!"
  7. The theme song completely rips-off the 1981-1989 intro of the Polish news channel, Dziennik.
  8. Most of the songs for each episode are annoying and generic, and feel like they were thrown in to fill out the runtime (The biggest example being in From Decade to Decade to Decade)
  9. Some episodes feel like rehashes from episodes from Talking Friends.
  10. The series overuses German, French and British stereotypes.


Good Qualities

  1. The animation is good and the character designs stay faithful to their source materials.
  2. Cinderella, Rapunzel, Merida and Moana themselves, as well as Mulan and Alice are still likable characters..
  3. Yes? No! Ugh! Hohoho! did start the show on a decent note, despite the stupid title.
  4. The soundtrack is good and a nice way to give the show more personality.
  5. The voice acting is great as all of the voice artists returned as their characters from their home media as well as the main show.
    • Dee Bradley Baker still does a great job voicing Mr. Kat.
  6. The show does seem to handle product placement a little better than the main show, as the premiere mentions BTS quite a few times, but never has them appear onscreen.
  7. Some of the backgrounds are quite nice, such as the interior of Cinderella's apartment building.


Dialogue from the Show


Merida: Not again!
Moana: You're welcome!


Rapunzel and Moana: *squeal*
Merida: Wait, what?

Mr. Kat: You just got PRANKED! *runs away*
Cinderella: Looks like he never learned his lesson from the time he leaked our feet pics, ay Rapunzel?
Rapunzel: No, he has not.
Episode: Yes? No! Ugh! Hohoho! (Episode 1)


  • The is the first show in the franchise to be dubbed into Turkish and Ukrainian since the main show's third and seventh seasons respectively.
  • In France, the show is known as The Many Adventures of Cinderella & Friends (Les Nombreuses Aventures de Cendrillon et de ses Amis) and in Japan, it is known as Hey, Girlfriends! (ねえ、ガールフレンド! )

All Episodes & Their Broadcast Dates

  1. Yes? No! Ugh! Hohoho! (7/23)
    • Cinderella, Rapunzel, Merida and Moana must figure out who is prank calling them during a 'Who's Our Biggest Fans?' contest with BTS.
  2. Cinderella Loses Her Shoes (7/30)
    • Cinderella, in her yellow casual outfit from her third film, finds out her brown court shoes are missing, and Rapunzel is the #1 suspect.
  3. Welcome to the University of Oregon, Rapunzel! (8/6)
    • Rapunzel is moving to Eugene for college, and Aurora tries to have her drop out and spend an entire day with her for some girl time.
  4. Attack of the Welsh! (8/13)
    • Merida is wanted for accidentally killing a Welsh civilian with her bow, so the British devise a plan in Cardiff on how to invade Oregon. Meanwhile, Pocahontas finds Cinderella's feet pics, and blackmails her to do everything for her so they don't get leaked.
  5. Canoennis: the Hottest Sport of the Year (8/20)
    • Moana and Rapunzel try to invent a new sport, by combining Canoeing and Tennis. Meanwhile, Mulan and Ariel try Cricket.
  6. Western Hair Lasso (8/27)
    • After watching The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, Rapunzel realizes she can be a cowgirl by pretending her hair was her lasso. Meanwhile, Belle opens a casino.
  7. The Crappy News Show (9/3)
    • Cinderella and Rapunzel make a news show, which becomes the hot new thing in town. Meanwhile, Snow White accidentally takes the wrong plane to Zwolle, Netherlands instead of her home in Bremen, Germany.
  8. Oh My God, It's Him! (9/10)
    • Mickey Mouse visits Cinderella, Merida, Rapunzel and Moana, who try to figure out how to exceed his expectations from him. Meanwhile, Jasmine and Tiana become music composers.
  9. Oh Crap, a Dance Party (9/17)
    • Mickey Mouse returns, and he wants to have a dance party on a cruise ship in Puerto Rico.
  10. Multi-Bow (9/24)
    • After Merida's bow breaks, she finds a machine that can clone bows, but a malfunction causes it to make 2,000 bows. Meanwhile, Alice was dealing with Elsa and Anna's misbehavior at the local supermarket.
  11. Super-Moana! (10/1)
    • A lightning strike causes Cinderella, Rapunzel, Merida and Moana to gain superpowers.
  12. Survival of the Morons (10/8)
    • A storm causes all electricity to shut down, so Cinderella, Rapunzel, Merida and Moana must had a way to entertain themselves while the storm rages.
  13. From Decade to Decade to Decade (10/15)
    • All 12 Disney Princess, as well as Elsa and Anna, travel in Talking Ben's old Musical Dimension Hooper to settle which decade is the best, where they travel to the '90s, the '80s, the '60s, the '50s and finally the '30s.