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Blog:Filly Funtasia

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Filly Funtasia
Filly Funtasia.jpg
Don't think that Hasbro made a spin-off series of My Little Pony, it wasn't made by Hasbro, it was made by Autodesk International.
Release Date: March 11, 2019 - present
Network(s): Frisbee (Italy)
iQIYI (China)
Télétoon+ (France)

Filly Funtasia is a computer-animated children's television series created by Jacob and Henrik Anderson for Dracco. The series is based on the Filly franchise, and is produced by Dracco Brands and Guangzhou Huamai Animation Studios. The series follows Rose and her friends as they attend a magical academy in the royal kingdom of Funtasia. It premiered on March 11, 2019 on Frisbee in Italy and on November 28, 2019 on iQIYI in China.


Filly Funtasia is about the adventures of Rose, the pink and white unicorn with a magenta horn as she attends a magical academy in the royal kingdom of Funtasia, with her best friends – Cedric the indigo and blue royale filly with white spots, Bella the white and bright pink elf filly, Lynn the purple and orange witchy filly, and Will the black and white fairy filly with green fairy wings. The Fillys go to school days and study their crystal powers, all while Wranglum, the Wizard of the Dark Mirror, along with his minion Battiwigs, try to steal all of the magic in the kingdom.

Bad Qualities

  1. The main problem with the show that it is a very obvious cash-in on the popularity of the My Little Pony series, and most of the episodes were stolen and most of the stories are average, lazy, and poorly written. They also rip off many of MLP:FiM plots. Heck, even Corn and Peg has more original plots.
  2. The first episode, in particular, rips off the pilot episode for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
  3. Cheap and choppy CGI animation, even for 2010s standards, which can be dated by the late 2000s, especially in Season 1.
  4. Very bad character development for the fillies and almost none of them are likable, at all.
  5. Terrible voice acting and dialogue. Even this show has some questionable casting choices.
    • What's worse is the overall development of the show. The show creator's progresses have been incredibly inconsistent and often going silent with absolutely no announcements made by the show creators themselves. Even though there are English dubs to it in trailers, no episode revolving the English dub has ever been released due to show creators being absolutely silent, along with their repeated inconsistencies with their overall progress.
  6. While the songs and soundtrack was decent and nice to listen to, it's rather forgettable since the soundtrack features dated pop songs from the mid-2000s.
  7. Many of the characters are unlikable and annoying, especially Rose, the main protagonist.
  8. Weird and laughable jokes and humor that mostly go nowhere with the plot.
  9. The pacing is too slow and many of the episodes can take forever.
  10. Some episodes can get too annoying and very obnoxious.
  11. The character designs rip off many of the MLP:FiM's designs, what's more, that the Mane Five rips off Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, etc. Also, the fillies don't have unique designs like MLP:FiM has. Instead, they look like MLP G3 rejects.

Good Qualities

  1. It had a catchy theme song.
  2. The CGI animation was improvised in Season 2.
  3. The backgrounds are least decent at best.
  4. The Italian and Chinese voice acting is decent.
  5. The soundtrack and some songs, while being forgettable and dated are at least decent and nice to listen to.
  6. Depending on your view, it's slightly better than [[My Little Pony: Once Upon


  • It gained a cult following in China and is extremely popular within the Chinese television platform, iQIYI.