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Blog:Fatal Warrior Wonderland (Fake Show)

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Fatal Warrior Wonderland (Fake Show)
Genre: "Magic"
Running Time: 22 minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: September 26, 2024
Network(s): Youtube
Created by: Sheryl Mendoza
Distributed by: RoseSword Productions
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 14

Fatal Warrior Wonderland is an indie-animated web series created by Sheryl Mendoza, who formerly worked for Lackadaisy and Far-Fetched as whell as working with john and joey as a animator. The series is produced by RoseSword Productions and was originally slated to be Kickstarter's Indie Animated Web Series before it was delayed for approximately 2 years.

After some delays since 2021, the series premiered on Youtube on September 26, 2024.

Why It Sucks

1. The title is generic

2. The intro was just taken from the magical girl Site opening, also the show steals a lot of themes from magical girl site, most notably the art style.

3. Refrences to Happy Tree Friends are put in the show as a filler

4. Focuses way too much on violence and rape and is usually there for shock value.

5. Many of the humor is unfunny and feels forced.

6. Badly done voice acting that tries too hard to be like an edgy Manga UK dub

7. Overuse of fanservice.

8. The LGBT and POC representation is incredibly bad

9. Copyrighted music

10. In summary, this show is nothing more than feminist and sjw propaganda at its purest.

Redeeming Qualities

1. The backround music and credits are amazing to hear

2. The villians designs are cool to look at

4. The original pilot is better than the show.


Fatal Warrior Wonderland was universally panned by users, critics, and anime fans alike due to the unoriginal animation and especially the heavy amounts of propaganda behind the show. Only 5% of Google users said they liked this show. It currently has a 1.0/10 on IMDb, making it one of the lowest-rated youtube animation videos on that site.

On Twitter, the official Fatal Warrior Wonderland account, as well as the staff members and the creator himself started to block users who called them out, showing they can't handle criticism.

any people hated the show so much that most of them decided to end.


  • One of the show's writers, Pagie Campbell,was exposed for being a zoophille




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