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Every Season of Spongebob From Worst to Best

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Note: I haven't seen S13 yet, and it's uncompleted, so I can't really fairly rank it. Also, Camp Koral and The Patrick Show are both under #12.

12. Season 6: Out of every season, this one has the most Squidward Torture episodes, which I hate exceptionally. Only 1 episode from this season is one I truly enjoy, the rest are decent, mediocre, or flat-out horrible. Worst Episode: Boating Buddies; Best Episode: Not Normal

11. Season 7: I know y'all would like S7 at the bottom, but unlike Season 6, there are a good amount of great episodes that seriously stand up to the classics. But at worst, this season houses some of the worst episodes of the show. Worst Episode: A Pal For Gary; Best Episode: The Wreck of the Mona Loa

10. Season 5: This is where the decline truly begins for me. Out of every character, Patrick definitely gets the worst of the flanderization here, with terrible specials and obvious ratings traps sprinkled in there. Worst Episode: To Love a Patty; Best Episode: Roller Cowards

9. Season 8: Alright, now we're getting into the alright seasons that I don't hate, but Season 8 is definitely hard to sit through if your attention span is bad (and I have ADHD, so that makes it all the worse). Worst Episode: Pet Sitter Pat; Best Episode: Its a Spongebob Christmas!

8. Season 10: Season 10 is the shortest, and there are a few ripoff episodes, like Plankton Retires, Sportz? and Squirrel Jelly. That's the only true problem though. Worst Episode: Life Insurance; Best Episode: Mimic Madness

7. Season 12: I think the writers definitely need to wake up after Stephen Hillenburg's sad passing. But this is definitely a step up from the last time this happened. Worst Episode: The Nitwitting; Best Episode: Spongebob's Big Birthday Blowout

6. Season 4: The first season of the post-movie era and by far the best one, though the first half is noticeably better than the second. Still a good season in my opinion. Worst Episode: Good Neighbors; Best Episode: Krusty Towers & Have You Seen This Snail?

5. Season 9: The first half is tame at best and horrible at worst, but when they brought Hillenburg back, the season picked the heck up. Worst Episode: Squid Baby; Best Episode: Pull Up A Barrel

4. Season 11: The best post-sequel season and the best season after the classic era. This is probably the closest the show will get to the classics. Love it. Worst Episode: Ink Lemonade; Best Episode: Karen's Virus

3. Season 1: A charming and perfectly animated season, but the humor for sure was a tad slower compared to the next two. Worst Episode: Pickles; Best Episode: Pizza Delivery

2. Season 2: I don't think there's a single bad episode in the bunch, but the highs not being as high is definitely what made me put this one below #1. Worst Episode: Grandma's Kisses; Best Episode: Band Geeks & Graveyard Shift

1. Season 3: Do I even need to explain why? Worst Episode: Ugh; Best Episode: Krusty Krab Training Video

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