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Note:Wassup! EuphoricCherub666 Here! The animated series is fake so you may edit this page and add ANY character, whether it's real or made up. But please DO NOT VANDALIZE!!!

First we've got terrible Polish commercials of a Polish chocolate that supposed to be luxury and now AN ANIMATED SERIES BASED ON IT!!?? WHY!!!?
Genre: Fantasy
Sci Fi
Slice of life
Running Time: 29 Minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: May 18, 2022-present
Network(s): Netflix
Starring: Chris Pratt
Frances de la Tour
Idris Elba
Eiza González
Chris Hemsworth
Asher Blinkoff
Pharrell Williams
Otar Saralidze (Polish Dubbing)
Teresa Budzisz-Krzyżanowska (Polish Dubbing)
Szymon Kuśmider (Polish Dubbing)
Anna Sroka-Hryń (Polish Dubbing)
Waldemar Barwiński (Polish Dubbing)
Jakub Strach (Polish Dubbing)
Piotr Adamczyk (Polish Dubbing)
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 10

"Pol:Tak się dzieje, że tak bogata firma stworzy coś kiepskiego czyli Wargorra, a na podstawie tego powstało to barachło. Eng:It happens that very rich company creates something terrible which is Wargorr and trash based on this was born."
"Pol:Skoro Wedel stworzyło Wargorra to można stworzyć serial animowany na Netflixa, no co może pójść nie tak? Wszystko. Eng:When Wedel created Wargorr they can make an animated series for Netflix, what could go wrong? Everything."
"This show is not only glorified Polish chocolate Commercial! This show is also a completely wasted TALENT!"
"Wargorr is a literally insufferable show with a wasted talent from animators, music composers, sound effect specialist, concept arists, background artists, 3d modellers and voice actors especially in English original and Polish dubbing!"
Media Mementos
"This garbage is a terrible show that makes Breadwinners look like Adventure Time in comparision to this! It also serves as a glorified chocolate commercial!"
"PL: To donikąd nie zmierza, na kij słaba polska reklama jako kreskówka. Mało jest słabych polskich reklam, a jest jeszcze gorzej. EN: This is going nowhere, for why a lame Polish commercial as a cartoon. There is few lame Polish commercials, but it's much worse."

Wargorr is a Polish-American animated Sci Fi and Fantasy television series created by TBA. The series officially preniered on Netflix on May 18, 2022.


Wargorr(Chris Pratt(Otar Saralidze in polish dubbing)) Emperor of Törsk an son of Queen Kazra(Frances de la Tour(Teresa Budzisz-Krzyżanowska in polish dubbing)) was told to destroy and enslave the citizens of planet Běrlïsk but the malfunction of his starship caused him to accidentally get to the Earth where he met The Red Boy(Asher Blinkoff(Jakub Strach in Polish dubbing)) and the zebra(Pharrell Williams(Piotr Adamczyk in polish dubbing)) and discovered chocolate. He's chased by his sister Daroneeka(Eiza González(Anna Sroka-Hryń in polish dubbing)), captain Văkros(Idris Elba(Szymon Kuśmider in polish dubbing)) and Queen Kazra's personal assasin Frysk(Chris Hemsworth(Waldemar Barwiński in polish dubbing)). Wargorr, The Red Boy and the zebra are going to fight with their enemies before it's too late!

Why It Sucks

  1. First off, Wargorr didn't feel like it needed a tv series which is pretty pointless.
  2. Wargorr was created in 2016 and the tv series was released in 2022, so that would be 5 or 6 years late for a tv series which doesn't make sense.
  3. Some characters are unlikable, examples include:
    • Wargorr is a literall jerk towards his sister Daroneeka, the zebra and his crew and he is a blatand rip off of Darth Vader from Star Wars, Darkos from Arthur And The Minimoys and Deadpool.
      • At least Darth Vader, Darkos and Deadpool were interesting unlike Wargorr.
    • Queen Kazra is a generic evil queen and a literally boring villain that is a literall Adolf Hitler.
    • The Red Boy is REALLY annoying.
    • the zebra is a literall punching bag.
  4. The story is pretty comfusing. It doesn't know what it wants to be.
    • the story takes elements from movies an shows such as Escape from Planet Earth(alien accidentally getting to the earth), Arthur And The Minimoys(clumsy villain that is treated seriously but has a kind or childlike side), Deadpool(fourth wall breaks), Teen Titans Go! and others.
  5. Too much vore, belly inflation and burp jokes especially from Wargorr.
  6. There are too much pop culture references and product placements such as Weezer, Young Leosia, Ekipa sorbet pops, Ekipa, Team X, Wedel, Star Wars, Kayko and Kokosh etc.
  7. cringeworthy moments.
  8. animation errors
  9. Warsaw looks like generic metro city that we've seen million times.


Redeeming Qualities

  1. really good CGI animation. it gives Puss in Boots The last Wish or The Bad Guys vibe thanks to dreamworks.
  2. pretty okay humor(despite there are burp jokes)
  3. good character and background designs and redesigns. they give Patrice Garcia esque vibe.
    • the starship looks like a starship from The fifth element.
    • Wargorr's suit looks cooler than the previous design.
      • he even looks hot without a mask/helmet.
    • Queen Kazra's design went from a woman in Wargorr's suit to a majestic queen like dress with a thorned crown.
    • The red boy and zebra have the same design as in commercials
    • Zebra's mill looks magnificent inside. it gives steam punk and fairytale vibes.
    • the alien designs look pretty cool especially Wargorr's species.
  4. there are some tolerable characters such as Daroneeka, captain Văkros, Frysk and the Zebra(despite he's a punching bag).
    • Making the Zebra a voice of reason is a nice pretty choice.
  5. Really good voice acting. Eiza González, Chris Pratt and Pharrell Williams are giving the best performances.
    • Polish dubbing is pretty decent.
  6. there are some cute moments such as Wargorr discovering the chocolate(despite it ended with a belly inflation and a burp joke), The Red Boy and the Zebra sleeping together etc.
  7. amazing soundtrack.
    • The theme song and the outro song are nice to listen to