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Big Mouth - My Opinion On This Show

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Big Mouth - My Opinion On This Show
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This show is disgusting. End of story. I could end the opinion right here. Let's rip this trash apart. Big Mouth is an adult animated show created by Nick Kroll, Andrew Goldberg, Mark Levin and Jennifer Flackett for Netflix. Fudging fantastic. This show goes into puberty, sex all through the minds of 12-14 year olds I guess. Here is why I hate this show:

1. The entire premise seems to be a rip-off of The Inbetweeners, shamelessly copying basically everything about it and made it worse for themselves.

2. The character designs make As Told by Ginger's look like Rugrats.

3. The show is basically child pawn. Enough said. Watch the show and know that my pointers have some validity.

4. Literally Jessi's sentient, let's call it diamond. -.- Sorry to those I offended. I'm sure you'd understand.

5. Adding onto the Inbetweeners, the reason that show worked was because the characters were aged 17-19, which made it feel a lot less perverted and knew how to do cringe comedy well. Here with Big Mouth, the comedy makes it crash and burn.

6. Are the critics pedophiles? Sorry for making that accusation but the show has been ACCLAIMED, literally. The RT score as a whole is around 99%. I am not bashing the critics but why do they like this?

7. It makes me feel sick.

Now, I have to go and wash the disgusting show out of my system and the only way to do that is by watching the US Inbetweeners, which is just as bad, if not better, than whatever this show.

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