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Blog:Baby Blue (The Robsniak & Furret Comedy Show) (FAKE)

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Baby Blue (The Robsniak & Furret Comedy Show) (FAKE)
It may be extremely unoriginal, but trust us, the title card is the LEAST disturbing part of the segment.
Part of Season: 19
Episode Number: 9c
Air Date: January 4, 2021
Writer: Fedrick Johnson
Boomer Boomerson
Previous episode: Jake Junior and Rocky Sittin' In A Tree
Next episode: Linus the Lionhearted's Diet Problem

Baby Blue is the final segment of the 9th episode of the 19th season of The Robsniak & Furret Comedy Show.


Rocky the Flying Squirrel goes on a date with Jake Jr., much to Bullwinkle's dismay.

Why It Sucks

  1. First and foremost, this episode features a scene where Rocky and Jake Jr. passionately make out and, at the same time, shoot their biological babies out of their rear ends ON SCREEN. This reportedly made viewers puke because of the scene.
  2. Almost none of the characters are likeable, such as:
    • Bullwinkle, as he goes at great lengths to kill Rocky's children, such as:
      • Luring them into a stove
      • Placing them into a box in the middle of a highway
      • Shoving them into a freezer
    • Deputy Dawg is at his absolute worst in this episode, as he shoots and attacks numerous innocent bystanders, assists in selling "rock candy" and "grape juice" to minors. In addition, he also arrests Squidward, SpongeBob, and Patrick all for leaving a teddy bear at a memorial site. All of this comes off as police brutality.
    • Karma Kameleon, who proceeds to sexually assault Jake Jr. and gets away with it
    • Furret, as he asks extremely annoying questions that everyone knows the answer to
  3. The episode contains lots of shock value, gross-out humor, and even a scene where So-Hi starts sexually harassing Chili Heeler, which is bestiality.
  4. False Advertising: Despite being in the title card, Tom & Jerry, as well as Robsniak, are nowhere to be seen.
    • Speaking of which, the latter is crudely drawn and poorly photoshopped into the title card.
  5. Tom's Owner, the only Tom & Jerry-related character to appear, violently kills Musky and Vince for eating his eggs and they actually die ON-SCREEN. Understandably, Deputy Dawg shoots him at point blank range for killing the only people he's ever known.

The ONLY 2 Redeeming Qualities

  1. Despite the extremely disgusting scene, Jake Jr. & Rocky, as well as Musky Muskrat and Vincent Van Gopher, are the only likable characters.
  2. "We've got to have.....FANSERVICE!!"