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15th Season! (U Got 45'd: The Series) (Fake Episode of Fake Show)

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About the Authors

15th Season! (U Got 45'd: The Series) (Fake Episode of Fake Show)
Seriously, 15 seasons already?
Series: U Got 45'd: The Series
Part of Season: 15
Episode Number: 1
Previous episode: Maretime Fuckday 4.0 (Season 14)
Next episode: Bitchass Terror

15th Season! is the first episode of the 15th season of U Got 45'd: The Series.


The gang goes to Brazil's house (The Crystal Brighthouse, you know, that place were the characters always do randomness and slice of life) to celebrate the show's 15th season. Manchuria comes back and things go horribly wrong.

Why It Sucks

  1. To get to Polandball out of the room, the episode brought back Manchuria (who has kicked out in the season 10 episode “Manchuria Gets Kicked Out!”). Despite that they said that Manchuria will never appear in the franchise again.
    • Even worse, it caused some people to commit suicide yet again.
  2. Everyone is unlikable here. Literally nobody is likable in this episode, with the worst offenders being the Japanese Empire, Manchuria, Yugoslavia, Poland, Mexico, Norway, Brazil and Cuba.
  3. This episode is pretty much infamous for being a torture porn episode of Mexico. Ever since Manchuria came back, the gang has to torture Mexico and do it in a bad way.
  4. A lot of inappropriate moments (as usual with a lot of episodes from this show), even for a TV-PG SHOW! Including:
    • The Japanese Empire telling a dirty secret to Poland.
    • Brazil sexually harassing Mexico.
    • Brazil watching an uncensored video of Ankha from Animal Crossing.
    • Yugoslavia watching Mexico do dirty rap.
    • Everyone (expect Thailand) raping Mexico for no reason.
    • Yugoslavia having sex with Mexico at the bathtub.
    • Everyone watching Mexico show her breasts.
    • Even worse, there was a scene where everyone, we mean everyone does to public and do sexual activities!
    • Mexico being forced to become a pornstar!
  5. Executive meddling: The episode was originally going to have the gang celebrating the 15th season of the series by having a party, was changed into another pornographic episode with no explanation why.
  6. The episode's humor is way, way, way too inappropriate, even for a kids show! In fact, the nudity here is way more extreme than the other pornographic episodes of the series! Fucking hell, how many times does this have to happen?
  7. Some pointless filler scenes, including:
    • Nationalist China and South Africa having a weird discussion.
    • Brazil, the Japanese Empire and Poland drinking.
    • Thailand sitting on the bench for 5 minutes.
    • The Kingdom of Greece using her trumpet.
    • Mexico screaming dead memes at a random time for no reason.



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