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Blog:101 Dalmatian Street (seasons 2 & 3) (Fan seasons of a real show by BaldiBasicsFan)

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NOTE FROM BALDIBASICSFAN ON SEPTEMBER 4, 2021: Thank you everyone for using #Save101DalmatianStreet on Twitter, you really help us out a lot.

Please note that this is a fan created blog post, so anything here is fake. The actual second season when it comes won't be like this.

NOTE FROM BALDIBASICSFAN ON MAY 9, 2022: This is getting rewritten to look less like a joke, and more like an accurate typical seasonal rot for a show like this.

101 Dalmatian Street (seasons 2 & 3) (Fan seasons of a real show by BaldiBasicsFan)
When a British-Canadian kids cartoon gets turned into an adult anime....
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 11 minutes (season 1)
19-24 minutes (season 2)
Country: United Kingdom
Release Date: Late 2021?-2022
Network(s): Disney+
Created by: Bill Peet (original 1961 film)
Joonas Utti & Anttu Harlin (concept)
Distributed by: Disney Media Distribution
Starring: Josh Brener
Michaela Dietz
Rhashan Stone
Ella Kenion
Seasons: 2
Episodes: 52 (season 1)
26 (season 2)

101 Dalmatian Street is a cartoon in the 101 Dalmatians franchise. It premiered on the Disney Channel in the UK on March 18 2019, and on Disney+ in Canada on February 28 2020.

After the British Disney Channel shutdown, 101 Dalmatian Street later received a cult following, and changes were made so that Disney would make the show more for an adult audience.

Atomic Cartoons, previously involved producing the animation on the first season, was replaced by Studio Deen, a Japanese animation studio, to do the second season.

With the exception of Maria O'Loughlin, who’s the head writer, Giles Pilbrow and the writing duo, Ciaran Morrison and Mick O'Hara, all of the original writing staff was replaced by a new crew.

Frédéric Martin, who has previously directed certain episodes in the first season, especially the finale to that season, decided to overtake the place of Miklos Weigert as the chief director of the series.

Despite being a continuation to the first season, this season received universally negative reactions from critics and fans alike for the problems that are listed below. The new art style is humans with dog ears and dog tails


Following the events of the last season’s finale, the entire family continues their usual adventures and would try to stop the infamous Cruella De Vil from coming back.

Why These Seasons Suck

  1. The main problem with these seasons is that they lacks the charm and cleverness of the first season. With the exceptions of the episodes that were written by the first season writers, the writing downgraded from being creative and enthusiastic to being disgusting, confusing, mean-spirited, being over-reliant on pop culture references, cutaway gags, rape and bowels jokes, resulting in a lot of episodes ranging from mediocre to down right awful. As a result of the season being targeted to a more mature audience, there is a whole episode dedicated to nothing but sideboob jokes, although no nudity was shown.
    • This season even tries to constantly do things in a desperate attempt to try and get attention to older viewers. Most of the episodes in the second half of the season would have Delilah giving birth to a baby on-screen when uncensored. Started off not being disgusting at first, but as the season went on, the births started get more and more gruesome to the point where Disney would cut the scenes in the last few episodes, though they are available on YouTube (Rarely Bitchute) being age-restricted.
    • Ironically, most of the new writers are basically the same ones who brought us modern Family Guy, Spongebob's Dark Age, Ren and Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon, The Wacky World of Troy Bobber, and the modern Life of Gage series. It doesn’t help that one of the new writers, Troy Bobber, is unfortunately an SJW, and the main reason for the downfall as he not only wrote the worst episode of the series, but is the creator and main writer of, once again, The Wacky World of Troy Bobber and the modern Life of Gage series. He also wrote some of the worst movies such as "Da Twerking Little Gurls", "Nightmare on Sesame Street", it's sequels, "Uncool Cunt Fucks the Kids", and "Aladdin 6: Jafar Answers the Interview Servey".
  2. The opening theme songs, while not terrible, isn't as good as the one in the first season.
    • For the second season, the lead singer is a rapping pre-pubescent child, who sounds so obnoxious to where later on in the season, the crew used heavy amounts of autotune onto the voice, making it even more obnoxious.
    • For the final season, its opening theme, while better sounding, is nothing more than a rip-off of Take on Me by A-ha.
  3. Some of the characters have been flanderized horribly, to the point where the show has a clichéd "jerkass cast":
    • Dylan went from being a nervous, yet mature and protective babysitter who is also somewhat a space goof, to an immature crybaby and a selfish jerk that doesn't care about his siblings and also became a giant Poodlewolf fanatic.
    • Dolly went from being a chaotic, yet respectable babysitter who cares about her siblings and relationships with others, to a downright monstrous, unpleasant, and psychopathic moron who tormented her siblings, including her friends, to inflict the pain on others. She is the main reason why a lot siblings (especially Dorothy) became huge punching bags throughout the season.
    • Speaking of which, Dorothy went from being a savage, yet cute and harmless baby who said her first word in "The De Vil Wears Puppies", to an irritating child who gets too angry and gives bad arguments and often doesn't get along with others. She also serves as a big punching bag thoughout the season.
    • Hunter De Vil went from being a kid henchman of Cruella De Vil, who loves looking and touching cute puppies but has to capture them for his job, to being a boy who acts like a puppy at times and for some reason has long hair in "Dante's Inferno", after being a cage for six months in "London, We Have a Problem", then redeemed in "The De Vil Wears Puppies", to a disgusting, savage predator who not only speaks almost like a primitive caveman, but also barely shows charm and only harms everyone and the environment around him for fun.
    • Diesel went from being a dimwitted, yet fast digger with a snout that when used, can easily detail any object it could sniff, to an annoying, malicious, mean-spirited and dumbed down jerk who would constantly bully his siblings for no reason at all, but also doesn't use his snout and would constantly bump into places as the plot demands to. Not only that, but he also a punching bag like Dorothy.
    • Delilah went from being a nice, caring and lovable mother who has a great amount of trust for her oldest siblings throughout the first season and the first half of the second season, to a drug-addict who basically has uncontrollable pregnancy, and every time she feels any pain, she would get sent to the living room to get any babies out of her belly, and scenes with her and just filler and are just disgusting as stated in quantity #1.
    • Cruella De Vil becomes much more unhinged to where she even beats her own nephew with a cane, and slits the throats of the Dmitri Trio offscreen (Their corpses were revealed in "To Chew or Not to Chew").
  4. Very choppy and restricted animation from Studio Deen, the same studio that animated the infamous third season of The Seven Deadly Sins.
  5. The new characters Juday, Elvira, Cleo, Deidra and Blanca only exist in this season for filler.
  6. A heap of bad episodes with many flaws and terrible plots going from boring to violent to outright vulgar or even offensive:
    • The hour-long special "Poodlewolf Quest" is a very harsh torture episode for Dylan, Hansel and Dawkins.
    • "Potty Mouth" and "Savage Siblings" are very harsh Dorothy torture episodes.
    • "New Puppy" and "Grooving Shame" are very harsh Delilah episodes.
    • "To Chew or Not To Chew" is a very harsh Diesel episode that was also racist.
    • “Alone Time” is just disturbing and horrific, and has way too many sexual scenes. In fact, the episode was outright banned in almost every country and had to be edited, to the point of the edited variant only lasting for 4 minutes. Thankfully, it isn't as bad as "Away", but that's not saying much.
    • It had a Sailor Moon crossover which was not that good
    • “Away” is just a 22 minute long pornography that lasts for almost the entire episode! Turns out, the episode was also supposed to be “a Dylan-and-Summer sex tape”, and the episode had to be banned throughout many countries and was leaked on the dark web.
      • It’s so gross and disturbing that there’s even a shock site about said episode!
    • “Orgen”, which is just extremely racist.
    • “Delilah the Pregnant” is a very disgusting and disturbing episode being one of the most controversial episodes of the series
    • “The Asian Problem” is an episode where Dylan and Dorothy go to all Asian countries and make fun of Asians for speaking like "meh meh meh meh meh meh meh meh" which is completely false, having extremely tiny eyes so they can't see, not making 101 Dalmatian Street, being tiny, having small and diseased penises, and having glasses all because a lot of them hate 101 Dalmatian Street. This is the 3rd episode of season 3 and was another episode banned in Asia!
    • “Reversal”, which is very misleading, and is infamous for mocking Afghani people and makes jokes about Taliban invading Kabul and ruling Afghanistan.
      • It even referenced real life deaths terrorists committed in Taliban!
        • 1000 ways to die also references Real life unusual deaths, but They always use a disclaimer saying what the stories are based on, before starting their episodes, so people who watch it will know what the death is based on, but in the episode "Reversal", It doesn't have a disclaimer, which means Its writer doesn't care about what the death is based on.
    • Nothing to See Here, while not bad in general, had a really offensive scene showing the communism symbol, resulting in the episode to get banned in places such as Russia.
    • The most infamous episodes are "Milestone", "All Dogs in Hell", and the most controversial one of them all, the final produced episode of the season, "Dorothy in Therapy", episodes which like "Ren Seeks Help" from Ren & Stimpy "Adult Party Cartoon", have a cold, alien-like vibe to it all, and feel more like 101 Dalmatian Street horror creepypasta than an actual 101 Dalmatian Street episode or some fictional Lost Episode that isn't really meant to exist like Dead Bart or Squidward's Suicide. They are in fact never released to Disney+ but were shown to film festivals, until Disney announced to move the series to Fox.
      • Speaking of Dorothy in Therapy, the episode was so dark and horrid that it was internationally blocked, resulting in the episode only being seen on YouTube (with age-restriction), and Vimeo.
    • Ironically, all these episodes and all the other beyond terrible episodes are written by Troy Bobber himself, giving us way more proof we need that he's the main reason for the downfall granted “No Remorse” was co-written by Zeus Cravas and Doug Lawrence and “Away” was co-written by Casey Alexander, but still.
  7. Because of how inappropriate it is, Disney made the decision to move the series to Fox's Animation Domination lineup, which aired the unreleased episodes.
    • Not only that but the writers, for whatever reason also aired the show on Adult Swim illegally. As a result, the Cartoon Network CEO sued the current writers of the show after “Dorothy in Therapy”, resulting in the show to end in a cliffhanger even longer than from the 1st season.
    • In addition, instead of Disney Channel and Disney+, It's internationally aired in:
      • Comedy Central Germany, Proseiben and TNT Comedy for its German dub.
      • MCM, Comédie+, NRJ12 and Game One for its French dub.
      • 2x2 for its Russian dub.
      • Comedy Central Spain for its European Spanish dub.
      • Warner Channel for both its Latin American Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese dub.
      • Comedy Central Poland for its Polish dub.
      • Paramount Comedy Ukraine for its Ukrainian dub.
  8. The change in the art style can be uncomfortable to many, since they are anime humans with some dog features when they were not like that in season 1
    • It does make sense for the change because the animation is done by Studio Deen, but still.
  9. More than enough offensive scenes and references in the show. Examples being:
    • Savage Siblings, Off to Nowhere and Chained having a swastika shown on screen resulting in the episode getting censored in places such as Germany and Israel! It doesn’t help either that they sugarcoat it by calling it a “ninja star”, which, for starters, isn’t shaped like a star nor was it used by ninjas.
      • Speaking of which, Off to Nowhere also has a scene where Dolly and Diesel go as far as to mock Asians. This resulted in the episode getting banned in Asia.
    • To Chew or Not to Chew has a seen where Diesel is mocked because he said “that black people are not Satan’s slaves”. This caused heaps of controversy and the episode had to be edited with the scene cut out.
    • Orgen is just an episode that offends black people throughout the entire episode! What’s worse is that it (ironically) wasn’t banned worldwide because the writers claimed that the concept of the episode was “to depict the life of a black person”. This is also described as “more racist than To Chew or Not to Chew
      • Speaking of To Chew or Not to Chew and Orgen both of them are so racist that they got banned in all of Africa (Even The Maghreb banned those episodes because There's even black people in that region and they can get offended after watching those racist episodes).
    • “Reversal”, as stated above, is an episode that constantly insults Afghans and even makes jokes on Taliban taking over Kabul. The episode was so offensive that it was banned worldwide and is hardly noticeable, so much that it does not even feel like an actual episode.
  10. The new writers cannot take any criticism.
    • They’ll block anyone on any social media platform (such as Facebook or Instagram) if anyone mocks them or makes small jokes about them.
    • Just like the writers of Teen Titans Go!, they’ll also make purposely bad episodes to mock their critics.
  11. Very few actual funny moments, with the humour consisting of fart jokes, toilet jokes, racist jokes, overused jokes, homophobic jokes, sexist jokes and just low-brow and unfunny humour.
  12. For whatever reason, each episode lasts for 19-24 minutes. There’s also no explanation as to why.
  13. Overuse of product placement and dead trends.
  14. Despite promising that Season 3 would improve, the season isn't any better and is actually way worse. (Sure, they only aired 5 episodes and the show might improve in future, but still).
    • Also to make matters worse on July 27, 2021, there was a special not counting as an episode called "How they make 101 Dalmatian Street" and it didn't show any of the original writers and the only time they where mentioned is when Troy Bobber said "they’re racist, don’t fucking talk about them. We never brought them back it was a lie to get viewers! They'll never come back if they do we'll make them eat their face and kill them!"
    • It doesn't help that the original executive producer Cara Speller was also announced to step-down, and instead Troy Bobber who was a writer replaced her as the executive producer by the third season.
  15. Terrible continuations all over the season. For example:
    • In “Poodlewolf Quest”, Dylan, Hansel and Dawkins are killed multiple times (28 to be exact), yet somehow, they are resurrected without any reason.
    • Aside from that, all deaths don’t seem to work, as once a character is killed, they are miraculously brought back to life. Heck, even in “Dorothy in Therapy”, everyone is killed, yet in Season 3, they come back to life just like nothing happened. It overall feels like a cheap copy of Kenny’s death gag in South Park.
  16. This season doesn't have any impact on 101 Dalmatian Street. Not even season 3 would mention the events of it unless the writers actually came back to fix the show and even rewrite the episodes.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The new chracter desigins look okay
  2. The ending theme song is actually decent and sounds a lot better when compared to the opening theme song.
  3. Some characters like Doug, Clarissa, Pearl Police Horse, D.J. and Roxy aren't as flanderized as the other characters thanks to them keeping their original personalities.
    • In fact, Clarissa became more likable and good natured, but is well aware of the flanderization effective on the characters to the point where she would still call the family ruff raffs, even Pearl believes that the family has gotten more chaotic than what they were back then.
    • Delilah wasn't flanderized until the middle of the second season.
  4. Despite the awful animation, the art style, the lighting and the textures are nice to look at and a step-up from the first season.
  5. The series was received better when it move to Fox's Animation Domination lineup, the infamous unreleased episodes gave the show more popularity and have spawned internet memes, in fact, Disney even renewed the series for a third season because of those episodes.
    • The third season is announced to have most of the original writing team returning, promising that it could be an improvement over this season.
  6. Sometimes, their could be cute or charming moments like the bond that Fergus and Dorothy had in "Take the Cake".
  7. Some funny moments here and there.
  8. Some good episodes in the season, such as:
    • Take the Cake
    • From Friendship to Love (an example of what an adult version of 101DS could have been)
    • When Dalmatians Fly (noted to be the funniest in the 2nd season)
  9. The characters can go back to their original personalities occasionally.
  10. Great music score.


The seasons in this era originally received a extremely Despising reception by critics and audiences, but have slowly started to become more negative in later years. It's to the point where many people started to consider 101 Dalmatian Street as a whole to be one of the worst cartoons of all time thanks to these seasons, despite the first seven seasons being good. Many fans have stopped watching the series altogether because of how worse it has gotten and this led to it having low ratings. RebelTaxi also ranked this era as The Number #1 Worst on his Top 10 Best And Worst Modern Cartoons video and , and criticized it for its over usage of shock humor, mean-spirited moments, and the heavy Flanderization of several characters, etc. He also considers the show to be one of the worst examples of a seasonal rot and he also claimed there is no cartoon-like Family Guy that deserves to be canceled.


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