Blind Ferret Entertainment

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Blind Ferret Entertainment
BEHOLD! Canada's worst production company!
Industry: Entertainment
Founded: 2004
Headquarters: 5000 Rue Jean-Talon O Suite 260, Montréal, QC H4P 1W9, Canada
Key people: Ryan Sohmer
Randy Waxman

Blind Ferret Entertainment is a media company based in Canada. It was known for distributing comics, developing mobile games and producing web animation under subsidiary Laughing Dragon Studios which went dormant in 2018. This page will only be focusing on both the comics and animation side of the company.

Why Its Comics And Animation Side Sucks


  1. The comics they created/distributed are either mediocre to downright horrible to read, with two of their most infamous being Tim Buckley's Ctrl-Alt-Delete (which they distributed until 2010) and Ryan Sohmer's Least I Could Do
  2. Speaking of LICD, the comic itself is nothing but a self-insert comic which focuses too much on Rayne Summers.

Blind Ferret also had an in-house animation studio known as Laughing Dragon Studios, which was formed in 2006 and shut down in 2018.


  1. The animation for most of their projects were either sub-par, or even lazy (examples being Ctrl+Alt+Del: The Animated Series)
  2. They only made two shows during the company's run (CAD:TAS from 2006-2009 and PVP:TAS from 2007-2008) with plans to make more
  3. Blind Ferret ran two kickstarters to fund both a Least I Could Do animated series and a Looking For Group animated movie. Both projects raised their goals but ended up being unreleased due to investors not wanting said projects. However, the LICD:TAS pilot is up on Kickstarter, but only for backers.
  4. Speaking of which, Ryan Sohmer wanted to pitch a LICD series to Teletoon, but they rejected the pilot due to a lack of interest.
  5. All of their series made were put behind a $40 paywall subscription service/DVD.

Redeeming Qualities


  1. Many of the comics they created/distributed (Looking For Group, Joe Abercrombie's The First Law, PVP) were actually pretty good and were very successful


  1. PVP:The Animated Series was a great show with some terrific animation that stayed true to the source material
  2. The 2nd Season of CAD had better animation than its first season, though it was too little, too late.
  3. The voice acting in their projects are very stylized and unique.
  4. They also did commerical work for Poptropica, which were well-received
  5. Their contributions to Death Battle(Smokey Bear vs. McGruff the Crime Dog and the Mario vs Sonic 2018 rematch) are both very well animated and held in high regard by the show's fans.


Blind Ferret's projects have always had a mixed reception.


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