Blam! (Have a Laugh)

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Blah blah blah Blam this Blam that- Stop it!

Blam! is a segment from Disney's Have a Laugh, the segment featured clips from Disney cartoons (mainly ones with Donald and Goofy) that had commentary over them and had features such as "The Blam-Cam".

Why It Sucks

  1. The editing is poor due to the segment removing a majority of the cartoons just so it can only focus on the slapstick scenes.
  2. The segment completely ruins all the jokes from the cartoons thanks to the narrator's commentary.
  3. Most of the jokes that the commenter makes are bad and tasteless.
  4. The commenter is so annoying that it makes you wish that you just want to strangle him and destroy your TV.
  5. The segment tries way too hard to be cool and edgy, but it fails to do so.
  6. Heavy usage of obnoxious cartoon sound effects.
  7. The segment in general is a complete disgrace to the classic Disney cartoons.




9 months ago
Score 1
I remember these segments so well. I remember the guy commentating on every little thing and end his words with "BLAM!"

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