Blackboard Jumble (Droopy)

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A Droopy cartoon... without Droopy?

Blackboard Jumble is a 1957 Droopy cartoon. In this cartoon, a Southern wolf encounters three schoolchildren who look like Droopy once after he gets the job to be a schoolteacher. Eventually, he faces a lot of trouble with them. It is one of the last seven Droopy cartoons in the Golden Age to be directed by Michael Lah and produced by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, the creators of Tom and JerryBTSW.

Bad Qualities

  1. The main problem with the short is that despite supposedly having Droopy as the main protagonist (as usual in his appearances), the short instead portrays three mischievous schoolchildren that resemble him, probably for the sake of comedic purposes of them causing trouble. Even if one of them is apparently Droopy, it would be incredibly out of character for him as he wouldn't be fighting back an enemy of his when never being provoked in the first place. Let alone outright torturing someone for his own amusement. You can easily bring in Snoopy and Loopy from the Droopy short "The Three Little Pups" (whose personalities were rather underdeveloped in that short) as the troublemakers while Droopy remains the voice of reason, and the potential would increase.
  2. Speaking of the Droopy clones, they just come across as annoying and unlikable, rather than cute, light-hearted, charismatic, and funny. On top of that, these Droopy clones are pale rip-offs of Huey, Dewey Louie from Disney's Donald Duck shorts.
  3. The wolf is constantly tortured throughout the short, as he has to deal with the trouble caused by these three Droopy clones losing more patience overtime. Unlike his other appearances where his comeuppance is usually justified for his actions against Droopy, and most notably, Red, here, he is an innocent character who gets tortured for no explained reason at all.
  4. Predictable plot where the wolf is stuck among juvenile traps only to lost his patience as a teacher overtime.
  5. The Droopy clones never got punished for their sadistic actions towards the wolf teacher.
  6. Weak gags that also lacks comedic and wacky timing known among Droopy's cartoons, let alone Tex Avery's creations overall. Some of them later on in the short are in fact rehashed from the Droopy short "The Three Little Pups".
  7. The animation at this point is subpar at best due to budget cuts in the late-1950s.

Good Qualities

  1. Great voice acting done by Daws Butler, as usual.
  2. The Wolf's portrayal with a Southern accent is funny (reminiscent to the voice of Huckleberry Hound), and is actually easy to root for.
  3. Great musical score from Scott Bradley, as usual.
  4. Some funny moments. For example, the beginning scenario showing how the previous school teacher comes out going mentally insane is executed hilariously, and is arguably the funniest scene of this short.


  • This is the only Droopy cartoon to not star, or even feature Droopy at all.


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