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Bizaardvark Changes Lives (Bizaardvark)

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Bizaardvark Changes Lives (Bizaardvark)
Bizaardvark Life Changes.png
Mickey Mouse: Ah, Bizaardvark Changes Lives. The worst Bizaardvark episode of the good era. Makes people wish it never existed.
Part of Season: 3
Episode Number: 16
Air Date: March 9, 2019
Writer: Justin Varava
Director: Marian Deaton
Previous episode: PK in da House
Next episode: A Capella Problems

Bizaardvark Changes Lives is the 16th episode of Season 3 of Bizaardvark. It first aired on March 9, 2019.


Paige and Frankie create a "Ask Us Anything" segment on their channel, but it backfires when they unintentionally give a viewer poor advice.

Why It Didn't Change Lives

  1. It's extremely mean-spirited towards a Bizaardvark fan named Jackson.
  2. Paige and Frankie are extremely unlikable in this episode (though they weren't very likable in the first place) because after giving Jackson poor advice, they proceed to give him more advice during various situations that backfires miserably and only makes things worse. Even after Jackson tells Paige and Frankie to leave him alone and not give him any more advice, they do so anyway...all this to a fan of their work. This also proves that Paige and Frankie don't really care for their fans that much.
    • They are also very out of character for their season 3 selves, in which they are usually better than this.
  3. Paige and Frankie do some terrible things to Jackson while trying to give him advice, like making Jackson's date for the school dance, Sasha break up with him and making him injure his ankle while flying a drone (albeit unintentionally).
  4. The laugh track plays every time Jack gets abused, meaning that this episode relies on cruelty for comedy.
  5. Rather than making a jab at Seasons 1 & 2, this episode acts like an episode from said seasons and feels very out of place for Season 3.
  6. Paige and Frankie's video "Puke Plane 2" is extremely disgusting as passengers on a plane continually puke on Paige and Frankie.
  7. The subplot about Bernie and Willow getting closer to each other, Willow starting to act like Bernie and Amelia preventing Willow from hanging out with Bernie is pretty dumb.
    • Amelia, Bernie, and Willow are also unlikable, and that makes Bernie and Willow also out of character.
  8. Awful acting, which is surprising considering this is from Season 3.
  9. There are several unfunny and forced comedic scenes, like Jackson getting abused by Paige and Frankie (as mentioned earlier) and Willow acting like Bernie.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. Jackson and Sasha rekindle their relationship in the end.