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Big Mouth (Kick Buttowski)

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Not to be confused with the Netflix series of the same name

Big Mouth (Kick Buttowski)
Big Mouth.PNG
Just eat this episode.
Part of Season: 2b
Episode Number: 28a
Air Date: July 14, 2012
Writer: Eric Rivera
Director: Chris Savino
Clay Morrow
Previous episode: Sew What?
Next episode: Sleepy River Wild

"Big Mouth" is the first half of the twenty-eighth episode in the second season's second half of Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil.


Kick and Gunther become sidekicks to Mouth after they seek his help to watch a live TV broadcast of "Jock Wilder's Crock Wrestle 2".

Why It Sucks

  1. Multiple plot holes:
    1. How is there a channel number titled "4021"? In real life, that number would never exist.
    2. How did Mouth disappear when the security guard was looking to see if Kick and Gunther were talking to him? Also, how did he get the keys to the mall?
    3. Why couldn't Kick just get a job somewhere rather and earn the money to buy channel 4012 than asking Mouth for "help"?
  2. Mouth is very unlikable here. Although he said he'll help Kick and Gunther watch a live broadcast of "Jock Wilder's Crock Wrestle 2", his tasks are stealing stuff - Ms. Chicarelli's wind chimes, the play's smoke machine, toilet plungers from the school's janitor room, and even a diamond ring from the mall. Then, when Kick and Gunther see it on the mall's televisions, Mouth turns it off - claiming that they have to do "their end of the bargain". As if that wasn't bad enough, his apology to them was fake and snitched to his father, a mall cop, on them for "stealing" his keys - resulting in Kick and Gunther having to go to mall jail.
  3. It's mostly a filler episode mixed with a Kick and Gunther torture episode, as they steal things as part of Mouth's "tasks" to watch a special event on a channel Kick and Gunther both don't have. The "torture" parts are when Kick and Gunther got tomatoes thrown for accidentally ruining the play and Mouth turns off the television and claim that they have to do "their end of the bargain". They then go to mall jail near the end when Mouth snitched to his father on them for stealing his keys when really, it was a big misunderstanding and we first saw Mouth with the keys.
  4. Kick and Gunther barely do any stunts here, mainly due to them following Mouth's "tasks" only to land themselves in mall jail.
  5. Although Mouth apologizes in the middle of the episode for using Kick and Gunther, it was a fake one as he snitched to the mall cop about Kick and Gunther "stealing" his father's keys. He also never gets called out by his father or punished and gets away scot-free.
  6. The ending was a minor cliffhanger, as it had Mouth giving the stolen items to Kendall, along with a few pictures of Kick's sentences in mall jail - and it ends with Kendall saying that she loves Kick, and that's it.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Kick and Gunther are still likable characters, as always.
  2. Although Kick and Gunther ended up in mall jail, it was great for them as they were able to watch "Jock Wilder's Crock Wrestle 2" on the mall's security cameras as one of them shows the television.


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